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Early Voting March 26, 27, 28, 30, 2024

A Presidential Preference Primary is an election where voters in a political party vote for the 
candidate of that party that they would like to be their presidential candidate in the upcoming 
General Election.

MARCH 26, 27, 28, 30
10 am - 6 pm

January 2, 2024

Last day to switch parties prior to the April 2nd election

March 25, 2024 at Noon
Deadline for unaffiliated voters who want to vote during the early voting period to enroll in a 

Voter Registration for Early Voting

If you are not yet registered but want to vote during the early voting period before the
Presidential Preference Primary, file your voter registration application (for a party holding a 
primary) with the registrars of voters in your town by noon on the business day before the day you 
want to vote

April 1, 2024 at Noon

Deadline for registering in person with the registrar of voters or town clerk in your town of 
residence to vote on April 2
Deadline for unaffiliated voters to enroll in a party in person for voting on April 2

To find your Early Voting location, and for all you need to know about elections in Connecticut, 
visit or call 860-509-6200

WHAT is Early Voting?

Early Voting allows you to vote in person safely and securely before Election Day.

WHICH ELECTION WILL BE THE FIRST to have Early Voting available?
Early Voting will begin with the Presidential Preference Primary. The Early Voting dates for this 
election have been modified
to reflect the Good Friday holiday and Easter Sunday. Early Voting will be held Tuesday, March 26 
through Thursday, March 28 and Saturday, March 30. Presidential Preference Primary Day is Tuesday, 
April 2, 2024.
WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT at the Early Voting location?
When you arrive at the Early Voting location, you will check in and be verified as an eligible 
voter. You will then receive your ballot with an envelope. You will complete your ballot at a 
privacy booth and seal it in the approved envelope. Before you leave, place the sealed envelope in 
the secure receptacle as instructed by the election officials. Ballots will be secured unopened
until Election Day.

WHEN will ballots be counted?
Ballots cast during Early Voting will be sealed and stored securely in each town. They will be 
opened and counted on Election Day.
HOW DOES EARLY VOTING DIFFER from voting by absentee ballot?
Absentee Ballot voting requires a reason (from a list of six, found at}. Early Voting 
is available to every eligible voter without a specific reason. Early Voting may be done only 
in-person, not via mail or drop box.
HOW MANY EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS will be in each city or town?
Each town or city will have at least one Early Voting location. If the population is 20,000 or 
more, the local legislative body will decide whether to have additional locations. Check your 
municipality's website in March for its Early Voting location or visit
CAN I VOTE on weekends?
Yes. Early Voting includes Saturdays and Sundays for most elections (see calendar for specific 

HOW IS IT ENSURED people do not vote twice?
The election official at your Early Voting location will record that you have cast your ballot, 
preventing you from voting early at any other location, submitting an absentee ballot, or voting on 
Election Day.
MAY I REGISTER TO VOTE during the Early Voting period?
You may register and vote on the same day during the Early Voting period before regular general 
elections. For Primary Election details, see detailed instructions on
DOES EARLY VOTING EXIST in other states?
Although new to Connecticut this year, 46 other states already offer some form of Early Voting.

WHAT hasn't changed?
You can still vote via Absentee Ballot or on Election Day as usual. Elections in Connecticut are 
still safe and secure.

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