At this time Town Hall is closed to the public, however, we are still in the building and doing our best to keep you projects and permit applications moving forward.  All of our forms are available on our web pages and can be submitted electronically where possible, for larger submissions we have a drop box located outside the side (driveway) entrance.  We will empty the drop box periodically during the day, please do not drop paperwork off after our regular business hours or weekends.  At this time we are still performing site inspections when absolutely necessary.  Please continue to call the general building department phone number 203-594-3012 for assistance.  Thank you.

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What We Do

The building department is responsible for enforcing the Connecticut State Building Code (CSBC); there are no local building codes specific to New Canaan. The State Building Code does cycle every 3 to 5 years in an effort to adopt the most current codes as the methods and materials used in construction evolve. The way in which we enforce these codes is by performing a plan review for code compliance of a proposed project prior to issuing a permit. Once the permit has been issued we then perform multiple inspections throughout the construction process to verify compliance. The intent of the CSBC as defined therein is to “establish minimum requirements to safeguard the public safety, health and general welfare.” There are several different classifications of licensing for building inspectors all of which are mandated by the Connecticut General Statutes to maintain continuing education credits to inform us of any and all code changes.

On average the New Canaan Building Department issues approximately 1,700 permits annually for a wide variety of activities ranging from new construction and renovations to simple oil tank or furnace replacements.  

Contact Us
Main Number 203-594-3012 
Fax Number 203-594-3121 

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm 

Please note: Doors are only open to Public 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

Brian Platz, Chief Building Official  
Paul Payne, Deputy Building Official 
John Funfgeld, Assistant Building Official  

Tracey Pizzolato, Administrative Assistant

Town Hall, Lower Level
77 Main Street
New Canaan, CT 06840