ADA Compliance

What We do 
The Team is tasked with analyzing the Town’s ADA Compliance Efforts and implement, where necessary, changes to the Town’s policies, procedures and infrastructure to ensure that they adhere to the guidelines set forth in the ADA Regulations. Specifically, the Team would be tasked with the following:

1. Provide Notice of ADA Requirements
2. All public entities must provide information to applicants, participants, beneficiaries, employees and other interested parties regarding the rights and protections afforded by Title II
3. Establish a Grievance Procedure
4. All public entities must adopt and publish grievance procedures providing prompt and equitable resolution of grievances arising under Title II

Grievance Procedure
Grievance Form

5. Conduct a Self-Evaluation
All public entities must conduct a self-evaluation. The self-evaluation is a comprehensive review of the current policies and practices, including communications and employment.
6. Develop a Transition Plan
All public entities must develop a transition plan when structural changes to existing facilities are necessary in order to make a program, service or activity accessible to people with disabilities.

ADA Compliance Website Click here.


Tiger Mann – Director of Public Works/Senior Engineer: ADA Compliance Coordinator (203) 594-3056 work (203) 594-3129 (fax) 
Cheryl Jones – Director of Human Resources 
Brian Platz – Chief Building Official and Director of Land Use 
Paul Payne – Assistant Building Official 
Annette Ross – New Canaan Resident – Representing the Disabled Community - Liaison 
Chris Kaiser - Director of Information Technology