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What We Do
“We are here To Serve the Needs of the Community and Preserve Current Assets for Future Generations of New Canaanites…”

The Department of Public Works provides routine and scheduled maintenance functions to the town's infrastructure. The Director supervises and overseas the major departments within his jurisdiction including the Highway, Transfer Station, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Town Engineer, and Parks Maintenance departments. We also organize, supervise and oversee capital improvement or replacement projects, either with in-house staff, or work accomplished by private contractors.

Next to the public school system, the Public Works Department is the largest employer of municipal employees in the Town (over 50 employees.) Except for our supervisors, our employees are represented by the American Federation of State and Municipal Employees (AFSME). The overall PW budget is over $10 million dollars and represents about 25% of the Town's operating budget.

We endeavor to maintain an accurate and current inventory of individual systems (roadway, drainage, sidewalks, etc.) to identify and prioritize various maintenance strategies. Such information is crucial in determining the appropriate treatment or alternatives in maintaining those systems in proper order.

Maintain roadways, bridges and sidewalks, in a safe, serviceable condition. Annually inspect all town-owned roadways and prioritize treatment to the best return on funds expended (I. e., maintenance budget). Investigate changes in technology to incorporate/modify accepted practices where appropriate.

Maintain drainage systems, including catch basins, culverts and bridges to support the approved level of service to the affected town property (roadway, park, building, etc.) Maximize ability of the town to respond to emergency conditions.

Maintain town buildings to provide a safe workspace for the employees and the public, and to protect investment and project life cycle costs to avoid major unexpected expenses. Provide resources to major municipal decision makers as to potential uses and limitations of town-owned and maintained facilities. Provide regular review of changing federal, state, or local building, environmental, or workplace safety regulations to avoid costly or untimely mandated modifications.

Maintain adequate facilities to meet the needs of the community in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Provide for the cost-effective disposal of municipal and privately generated solid waste while meeting relevant federal, state, and local ordinances. Provide such service with minimal impact to neighborhood groups or environmental concerns.

Maintenance of the Water Pollution Control Facility
Maintain this facility in accordance with federal, state, and local requirements. Review changes in technology to incorporate/modify existing facilities to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Solicit and retain appropriate professional services to advise the town decision-makers.

Emergency Response Capability
Maintain a staff of appropriately equipped and trained employees capable of responding during emergency situations, including those related to severe weather conditions. Provide emergency response capability to maintain or restore transportation functions under any emergency condition. Coordinate with Police and Fire services to provide safety and service to the community during and following an emergency event. Provide for the orderly return to normal service levels following such event.

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Contact Us
Main Number: 203-594-3054
Fax Number: 203-594-3129

Tiger Mann, Director of Public Works

Kristi Ready, Public Works Project Coordinator

Town Hall, 1st Floor
77 Main St 
New Canaan, CT 06840