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What We Do
Each town and municipality, under Connecticut Statutes (Section 7-88) at its biennial municipal election, elects a specified number of citizens who have qualified under their respective political party rules to be Constables within that jurisdiction. 

Constables have the same powers within their jurisdictions that sheriffs used to have within their respective counties. (Note: the position of Sheriff was eliminated in the 2000 State Election by a Referendum question.) The usual duties involve serving processes or summonses. Normally the services are arranged through the attorney representing a plaintiff. Constable's fees are normally paid by that plaintiff through his attorney. Practicing attorneys would be expected to be aware of currently qualified Constables, but the list is always available at the Town Clerk's office.


There are Seven Constables elected by the Town, listed below: 

Term of Office: November 2023 - November 2025

Susan. B. Edmands (D)
Albert Gonzalez (R) 
Jill Guzzetti (R)

Robert Naughton (R)

Gregory L. Pepe (R) 
Edward C. Vollmer (D)