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What We Do
The New Canaan Fire Department is a public service agency dedicated to protecting the citizens of New Canaan for fire, rescue, and environmental emergencies. We strive to promote life safety and minimize property loss through emergency service delivery, fire prevention education, and community service activities.

Culture Values
  • To show regard or consideration for others
  • Respect fellow firefighters and the customers we serve
  • Recognize members for a job well done through compliments, citations and awards
  • Adherence to moral and ethical principles
  • Vigorously and consistently uphold our department’s mission, cultural values, standard operating procedures, and governing documents
  • To maintain our convictions relative to our strategies and standards
  • Cooperative effort on the part of the members of a group in the interests of a common cause
  • Understand that the best way to achieve personal and departmental goals is by working cooperatively with others
  • Lively interest
  • Show enthusiasm in being a firefighter by accepting the responsibilities that come with the position without complaint
  • Embrace a spirit of volunteerism for parades, public education, special events and committees
  • Satisfaction taken in something done by or belonging to oneself, or believed to reflect credit upon oneself
  • Embody a strong sense of pride for being a firefighter and a member of our department
  • Being proud of the positive relationship between career and volunteer members
           Commitment to Personal Excellence
  • Embody a desire to excel
  • Demonstrate a commitment to being the best firefighter that you can be
  • Embrace training, new ideas and accept new responsibilities.  Set goals for self-improvement such as achieving certifications over and above the department’s standard
           Continuous Improvement
  • A habit of thinking – always looking for ways to improve
  • Encourage independent thought and action geared towards improving personal and departmental performance
  • Continuously assess and evaluate individual and departmental performance

New Canaan Fire Department & CT Career Chiefs - Surge Safety

Surge Safety PSA 

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Main Number 203-594-3140

Albert Bassett Fire Chief

Administrative Assistant 

New Canaan Fire Dept
60 Main St
New Canaan, CT 06840