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What We Do
The Historic District of New Canaan, an outgrowth of Church Hill, perhaps better known as God's Acre, was established on June 27, 1963. The core of Church Hill remains the same as it was at the beginning of Canaan Parish in 1731. Here stand three beautiful churches, two of which have been continuously used for more than 125 years. 

It is the intent of this Commission to promote the education, cultural, economic and general welfare of the Town of New Canaan through the preservation and protection of buildings, places and districts of historic interest within the Town of New Canaan. 

While we recognize the importance of allowing the greatest possible freedom of action to the individual property owners, we also recognize that it is our purpose and duty to preserve the sites and those buildings and structures in this Historic District so that their historic and architectural significance, and the general beauty of the District shall be preserved. 

Therefore, the Commission intends to: 
Vigorously encourage the preservation and restoration of all historically and architecturally significant buildings and sites in the Town of New Canaan. 
Encourage the preservation of those buildings, especially the churches in the District, which contribute so much to the educational, religious, architectural and aesthetic values of the town, and 
Judge new construction or additions to the existing buildings solely on the basis of their compatibility and harmony in scale, mass and material as they relate to adjacent existing buildings in this District.

Application for Certificate of Appropriateness


Historic District Commission Approved Regulations

Map of Historic District


Thomas Nissley - Chairman
Carl Rothbart - Secretary 
Richard L. Rose 
Martin Skrelunas - Vice Chairman 
Todd Lampert
Janet Lindstrom - Alternate
Pamela Randon - Alternate 
Micaela Porta  - Alternate 

You may contact the Board of Historic District Commission at 203-594-3013, or by e-mail to martin.skelunas@newcanaanct.gov  

The Historic District Commission normally meets the fourth Thursday of each month with the exception of August, November and December. 

Schedule of Meetings,  Agendas & Minutes
All meetings will be held in the Board Room at Town Hall at 4:00p.m. 

If meeting minutes or agendas do not appear on this Web site, please contact the relevant board, commission or committee. Do not contact the webmaster of this site. For the Historic District Commission, you may send e-mail to martin.skelunas@newcanaanct.gov