Tourism & Economic Development Advisory (TEDAC)
What We Do
Established by the Board of Selectmen on December 7, 2018

The TEDAC shall be a 15 member Committee of residents, and non-residents who work in New Canaan, who are involved in or have expertise in local commercial or tourism activities.
Committee members shall be appointed for three year terms.

The mission of the TEDAC shall be to study and analyze New Canaan's local economy and commercial and tourism businesses, and to advise and make recommendations and issue reports to the First Selectman, the Board of Selectman and other Town officials, boards and commissions regarding measures the Town or such bodies might undertake to promote and develop the local economy and the local business community, including tourism.

The TEDAC shall meet monthly according to a schedule to be established by the Committee. The Committee shall appoint a Chairman and a Secretary annually.

Meetings shall be facilitated in 2019 by a consulting arrangement with the National Executive Service Corps.

January 8, 2019, the Board of Selectmen Approved an increase in the number of members on the TEDAC from 15 to 16 members.


Sweitzer, Susan-

Flagg, Bj-

Geary, Nancy-

Satin, Heather-

Kariuki, Karen-

Allyn Magrino-   

Martocchio, Amanda-

Matz, John-

Murphy, Tucker-

Sages, Greg-

Saxe, Brock-

Trifero, Jack-

Budd, Laura-

Mulhern, Daniel-

Rita Bettino-

Please check the Calendar of Events on the home page or click on the link below for meeting information. You can also contact the Town Clerk's office at 594-3070.
Schedule of Meetings, Agendas & Minutes