Tree Warden

Eversource Roadside update 7/14/2020

What We Do
Care and control of all trees and shrubs in whole or in part within the limits of any Town road or grounds. 

Care and control of parts of trees and shrubs that extend or overhang the limits of any public roads or grounds. Remove, or cause to be removed, all illegally erected signs or advertisements placed upon poles, trees or other objects within any public road or place under the Warden's jurisdiction. 
Post a suitable notice on any tree or shrub scheduled to be removed or pruned at least ten days prior to removal or pruning unless the condition of the tree or shrub constitutes an immediate public hazard. 
The Tree Warden has exclusive control over trees within highways even though trees themselves stand on private grounds. The Warden determines the condition of trees, particularly with respect to safety. 

Contact Us 
Main Number 203-594-3107

Bob Horan, Tree Warden