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What We Do
The Fire Commission manages and supervises the Fire Department in duties relative to fire protection and fire prevention, the principal of which duties are: 

1. Furnish the Selectmen annual estimates of Department financial support required, and review annual expenditures; 
2. After consulting with members of the Fire Company, approve and recommend to the Selectmen qualified persons for paid positions within the Fire Department; 
3. Recommend to the Selectmen rules and regulations for proper governance of the Department; 
4. Appoint the Fire Marshal. 

Jack Horner, Chairman 
Kerry Smith, Secretary
Beth Jones 

You may contact the Fire Commission by e-mail at  

Do NOT use this e-mail to report emergencies 

Fire Commission meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM at Fire Headquarters, 60 Main Street. 

To view Fire Commission meeting dates as well as agendas and minutes, please click on the following link: 

Fire Commission Schedule of Meetings, Agendas & Minutes 

If meeting minutes or agendas do not appear on this Web site, please contact the relevant board, commission or committee. Do not contact the webmaster of this site. For the Fire Commission, you may send e-mail to  Do NOT use this e-mail to report emergencies, please dial 911.