What We Do
* The Commission is created for the purpose of monitoring the activities and operations of public and private utilities servicing the residents and businesses of New Canaan to ensure that the needs of residences and businesses located in New Canaan are adequately met and that New Canaan's consumers' interests are represented before any applicable commission or agency having jurisdiction over the utility in question. 

* Without limiting the generality of the foregoing purpose, the Commission shall have the right to receive complaints regarding utility service in New Canaan and to require and receive information and reports from town officials on a timely basis. 

* The Commission is formed for the purpose of receiving and evaluating complaints and presenting its position and concerns to appropriate local and state agencies. 

* The Commission may take a position on all issues involving a utility, including but not limited to quality, adequacy of supply and rate, which are raised before regional and town boards and commissions, and make that position known to the state's boards and agencies. 

 Utilities Commission Volunteer Members
Robert Clay 
Derek Bennett
Wade Eyerly  

Agendas, Minutes & Meeting Schedules

Commission Projects and Programs

1. Cellular Service 
    a. Improving Cellular Coverage in New Canaan 
    b. FAQ's
    c. New Canaan Wireless Policy - 3/3/2014 
    d. Centerline Solutions Cellular Coverage Analysis of New Canaan - 12/1/14 
    e. Summary of Key Points of Cell Coverage analysis - 12/1/14 
    f. RFP - Design, Construction and Operation of Wireless Communications Infrastructure - 3-21-2016 
    g. April 5 Questions & Answers to RFP 
    h. Current Cell Coverage Plot
    i. West School and Irwin Park sites added
    j. New Canaan Public Survey on Cell Service
    k.Verizon Announces Plans to Add Fiber Optic Links in Town

2. Cell Sites 
    a. Irwin Park 
         i. Draft Site Plans - Irwin Park 
         ii. Coverage Plot for Irwin Park Concealed Site 
         iii.Visual Analysis for Irwin Park Concealed Site 
    b. Nature Center 
         i. Legal Opinion of NC Deed 
    c. West School 
         i. Draft Site Plans - West Elementary School 
         ii. Coverage Plot for West School Concealed Site 
         iii. Visual Analysis for West School Concealed Site 
         iv. Existing Cell Tower Locations Near CT Schools April 1, 2017 

    d. Waveny Park 
         i. August 18, 2016 Commission letter to Aquarion Water Company
         ii. Town Attorney Letter to Aquarion, September 5th, 2017
         iii. Aquarion response to Town Attorney’s Letter September 13, 2017
         iv. First Selectman’s Letter to PURA re: Aquarion
         v. Cityscape analysis of alternative replacement sites A, B and C 
         vi. Draft Site Plan for replacement site Option A
         vii. Draft Site Plan for replacement site Option B 

    e. Comparing the cost of Fiber vs Fiber and Wireless Hybrid (DAS) vs an All Wireless Network when Seeking Wide Area Coverage

A recent engineering study in Minnesota compared the costs of building different types of networks and found that all fiber and fiber and wireless networks were prohibitively expensive compared to all wireless networks 


3. Important Links 
    a. New Canaan Wireless Policy - 3/3/2014 
    b. Utilities Commission Resolution on Cell Service Coverage - 12/1/14 
    c. Improving New Canaan’s Cellular Service 

4. Proposed, Planned, or Approved Cell Towers 
    a. Norwalk Armory Docket 

5. Natural Gas 

6. Energy Efficiency 


Cell Tower Planning Process Resources
CT Siting Council
CT Siting Council Telecommunications Database 

CT Siting Council Pending Proceedings
CTSC Cell Tower Map 

AntennaSearch.com Towers within 4mi of Town Hall 
AntennaSearch.com Antennas within 4mi of Town Hall


Cell Phone and Cell Tower Health-Related Sources
CT Department of Public Health Cell Phone Fact Sheet 

CT Siting Council EMF Guidelines 
CT Siting Council EMF Sources 

FCC Wireless Devices and Health Concerns 
FCC Radio Frequency Safety FAQ 
FCC Human Exposure to Radio Frequencies: Guidelines For Cellular and PCS Sites 
FDA Radiation Emitting Products and Procedures 
EU Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) 
German EMF Health Portal (English language) 
World Health Organization Electromagnetic FIelds Home



The Commission coordinates with other Commissions and Departments to provide informational and technical support on matters related to power, gas, electric and telephony. 

    The Commission is set up into teams 

         By issues 
         Cellular tower improvement 
         Gas supply analysis 
         Solar/ Green energy programs 

         By town relationships 
         Building commission 
         Board of Selectmen 

         By external providers relationships 
         CL&P Relations 
         State agency Relations 
         Green Bank 
         Smart Power 


The Utilities Commission issues no forms. Applications for membership to the Commission must be addressed to Chairman, New Canaan Utilities Commission, 77 Main Street, New Canaan, CT 06840. 

To request information, give suggestions, or recommend some form of action, residents should state such requests in writing. 

    Address communications to: 
    New Canaan Utilities Commission 
    77 Main Street 
    New Canaan, CT 06840 

Please include telephone numbers and, if available, e-mail addresses. Requests may also be made to the Commission by e-mail at Utilities.Commission@newcanaanct.gov 

If you would like to call and leave comments or questions regarding the effort to expand and improve cell coverage in New Canaan, please leave a message at this number: 203-594-3041

Important Links

    Natural Gas Service Areas 
    Cellular Project FAQs
    Visual Analysis of proposed Irwin Park Site
    New Canaan Wireless Policy - 3/3/2014
    Utilities Commission Resolution on Cell Service Coverage 12/1/14
    Summary of Key Points of Cell Coverage analysis 12/1/14
    Cellular Coverage Analysis of New Canaan 12/1/14