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Audit Committee

What We Do:

The primary responsibilities of the Audit Committee are to assist the Town Bodies in fulfilling their responsibilities relating to: 1) the integrity of the Town's financial statements, financial reporting processes and systems of internal accounting and controls; 2) the annual independent audit of the Town's financial statements, the engagement of the independent auditors and the evaluation of the independent auditors' qualifications, independence and performance; 3) compliance with legal and regulatory requirements that could materially impact the Town's financial statements; 4) the evaluation of enterprise risk issues; and 5) overseeing the Town's plan for corrective action which should include appropriate and timely follow-up measures. In performing the Committee's duties, members may reasonably rely upon management to prepare financial statements in accordance with applicable standards and to maintain an effective system of internal controls that provide reasonable assurances regarding the reliability of financial reporting. 
The Audit Committee was established on May 21, 2014 – Ordinance approved by Town Council

5 members 
3 year terms 

Robin Fryer -

Mary Davis Cody -  

Tony Ceci -

Janet Lanaway -

Bill Bradley -

Agendas, Minutes & Schedule of Meetings