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The Office of Emergency Management prepares for emergencies and disseminates emergency notifications.  Click on the button to register for Town Emergency Notifications to receive phone, email or text alerts about severe weather events, power outages, police bulletins and other vital emergency information.  

New Canaan now offers a service that helps you when you need to dial 9-1-1. 
Smart911 allows you to create a Safety Profile that helps 9-1-1 responders assist you more efficiently.
To sign up and learn more about Smart911, please visit


New Canaan is offering a new service that allows residents to sign up for notifications whenever selected pages on the website are updated with new information. Available pages include Homepage Alerts, News & Events, Field Closures, Tax payment reminders, and Land Use notifications. 

To participate, visit the eNotify page and provide your email address. After signing in, users can click on any of the available pages to receive update notifications via email and/or text. Please note that to receive notifications via text, you will have to provide a valid cell phone number with texting capabilities. After selecting which alerts to receive, you will be sent a confirmation email and/or text message. Simply respond as instructed and you’re set up!

Agendas and Minutes Notifications
Welcome to the Town of New Canaan Document Center.  From here you can view, print, and search the Town's current and archived documents.  Create an account to receive email alerts anytime a new document is added by clicking on the email notification tab.


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