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Board of Selectmen Approve Extension of Commuter Parking Permits

The Metro-North branch line track repair project is expected to be completed on-time and train service on the Metro-North New Canaan branch line will resume on Saturday, September 2

With the branch line set to resume service, the Board of Selectmen approved this week a three-month extension to active commuter parking permits in order to compensate commuters for the three months (June – August) that New Canaan commuter lot parking was not used during the branch shutdown. 

This decision changes the expiration of current active permits to November 30, 2023 from August 31, 2023.  Permit holders will be able to renew their permit for the nine month period of December 1, 2023 -- August 31, 2024 at a pro-rated nine month fee. The 2023-24 permit renewal process will begin around mid-October.

No Fee Increase for 2023-24 Annual Permits

The Board of Selectmen approved 2023-24 annual permit fees with no increase from the current 2022-2023 permit year as follows:

Lumberyard -    $624.00   (9-month prorated amount: $468.00)

Richmond Hill - $474.00   (9-month prorated amount: $356.00)

Talmadge Hill - $474.00   (9-month prorated amount: $356.00)

The 6.35% Connecticut State Sales Tax will be added to these permit fees.

Priority Wait List

The Board of Selectmen also approved a three-month extension for Priority Wait List permit holders.  Any commuter who put their permit on hold during the COVID pandemic and remains on the Priority Wait List after September 1, 2023 will have until November 15, 2023 to elect to either reinstate their permit or go back to the end of the Regular Wait List for obtaining a permit in the future on a non-priority basis.

Any commuter who currently does not have an active permit or is not on the Priority Wait List may obtain a Talmadge Hill permit or may join the Regular Wait List for the Richmond Hill and/or Lumberyard lots.

Daily Fee Parking Options

Daily fee parking options for the Downtown and Talmadge Hill railroad stations are available as follows:

Downtown Railroad Station North and South Lots: 142 First come/first serve Pay-Daily metered spaces - $6.00/day.

Cherry Street Boxcar Parking at St. Aloysius Lot: 64 Reserved Pay-Daily-Online spaces - $6.00/day (subject to change per Boxcar terms – see

Talmadge Hill Station Boxcar Parking Spaces: 60 Reserved Pay-Daily-Online spaces - $5.50/day (Boxcar marked spaces located in the lot on South side of Talmadge Hill Road and Tier 4 spaces to be marked – see

Talmadge Hill Station: 15 First come/first serve Pay-Daily metered spaces - $5.50/day (Numbered spaces located in the same lot on South side of Talmadge Hill Road and Tier 4 spaces to be numbered)

Note: According to press reports, the Town of Darien plans to increase their Darien and Noroton Heights railroad station daily-pay commuter parking fee from $4.00 to $5.00.

For any questions please contact the Parking Bureau at 203-594-3040 or email Stacy Miltenberg at