West Nile Virus


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 23, 2019

The Town of New Canaan would like to remind our residents of the importance of mosquito management. The CT Agricultural Experimental Station (CAES) trapped mosquito’s that tested positive for West Nile Virus (WNV) at Hoyt Swamp last week. In response, our DPW treated the area with larvicide and treated catch basins throughout town to prevent human transmission of WNV. WNV is not spread from person to person and at this time there are no human cases in New Canaan.

WNV is spread by infected mosquitos who have previously bitten an infected bird carrying the virus. WNV mimics flu like symptoms except in the rare cases where the individual develops a high fever, confusion, muscle weakness, or severe headaches. WNV has no vaccine and no specific treatment but the symptoms and complications of the illness can be treated. Time of recovery varies from weeks to months for those individuals who develop encephalitis (brain swelling).

In 2018, there were 157 human cases of WNV throughout the state of CT including 4 deaths. The elderly, immune compromised, and very young are most susceptible.

It is important for residents to dump any standing water on their property and be mindful when outdoors at dawn & dusk when mosquitos are most active. Be sure to wear long sleeves, shoes, socks, and long pants if you will be outdoors for long periods of time. Consider the use of repellents but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. You can find more information on the Town of New Canaan website on the Health Department webpage under Zika virus for mosquito information & prevention tips.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at: Jennifer Eielson, Director of Health for Town of New Canaan 203-594-3019 (jen.eielson@newcanaanct.gov)