Town Hall Goes Solar

TownHallSolar (2)

On Thursday July 25, 2019, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan flipped the switch at Town Hall to activate the first of four solar projects under the town’s alternative energy initiative.  This new system will enable the town to realize substantial annual electricity cost savings and move the town toward more resilient, renewable and clean energy.  In addition, the town will be able to sell back surplus energy produced to Eversource and also capitalize on renewable energy credits from Eversource.  Other town-owned buildings included in the alternative energy initiative are the Department of Public Works Highway Garage, the Waveny Pool House and the Nature Center’s Animal Care Building.  The four solar projects are predicted to produce a combined total of 255,450 kilowatt-hours per year which is the equivalent of removing 30 homes from the grid resulting in a reduction of 420,290 pounds of CO2 annually.  Mark Robbins of MHR Development has been managing this project for the Town.