Burning Permits - April 12, 2021

Recent issues regarding open burning and burning permits have raised questions regarding this practice in New Canaan.  Open burning regulations for Connecticut are administrated by the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Air Quality Division with permits issued by the local Fire Department.

Following is a list of tips to help keep us all safe when burning:

  • Burning permits are required when burning.  Permits are issued by the Fire Department at 60 Main Street only on the day you wish to burn. A phone call to the Fire Department on the morning of the day you wish to burn might save you a trip if a burning permit would not be issued for that day. 203-594-3140
  • Only brush and tree branches, up to three inches in diameter may be burned.  No leaves, trash or construction/demolition materials may be burned.
  • Burning will not be permitted when the burn danger is “high” or “extreme” and/or high wind days.  Burning also will not be permitted when the air quality index is high according to DEEP.
  • Permits are not required for small camp or cooking fires.
  • Burning in a drum or other container is still considered “open burning” requiring a permit.
  • Burn pile must be well away from structures and loose combustibles and a garden hose must be kept at the ready. The area surrounding the burn pile must be soaked down prior to burning.