AT&T Wireless Plans to Co-locate on Proposed New Public Safety/Cell Tower in Northwest Section of New Canaan

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan today announced that AT&T Wireless has notified him that it will join with the Town of New Canaan in seeking approval from the Connecticut Siting Council for a proposed new public safety/cell tower on upper Ponus Ridge Road in the Northwest section of New Canaan.

With the support of Homeland Towers LLC, of Danbury, CT, which is New Canaan’s chosen partner in expanding and improving cellular phone coverage in New Canaan, the Town of New Canaan plans to help construct a tower for both public safety radio antennas (Police, Fire and EMS) and mobile telephone carriers starting with AT&T Wireless.

The proposed public safety/cell tower will be constructed on private residential property at 1837 Ponus Ridge Road, just North of Dan’s Highway on the East side of Ponus Ridge and opposite the Laurel Reservoir.

For years the Town of New Canaan has sought a permanent solution to the need for public safety radio antennas in the Northwest section of town where first responders’ mobile radios did not receive dependable reception. The proposed tower at 1837 Ponus Ridge Road will provide this permanent solution for public safety radio reception for first responders and will also greatly improve mobile phone service for both New Canaan residents and North Stamford residents in the area.

On February 9, 2021, the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to approve a Communications License Agreement with Homeland Towers and a related agreement with 1837 LLC, the owner of the 5.16 acre residential property at 1837 Ponus Ridge Road, in order to advance the proposed public safety/cell tower.

First Selectman Moynihan said: “I am very pleased to be able to announce the proposed new public safety/cell tower along with Homeland Towers and to receive the news that AT&T Wireless will co-locate on the tower in order to bring the tower forward in the near future to the CT Siting Council.”

Moynihan added:  “After having successfully obtained Siting Council approval for the planned tower on Soundview Lane in the Northeast section of New Canaan last October, the addition of this new proposed tower to serve our first responders and residents in the Northwest section of town now allows us to turn our focus to additional new towers in the West and Center sections of town where improved cell coverage is badly needed.”

Ray Vergati of Homeland Towers said: “Carriers and emergency first responders have long recognized the need for reliable service in this area of New Canaan and Stamford.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with AT&T and the Town of New Canaan on a project of such importance to the community.”

Homeland Towers is expected to file an application with the Connecticut Siting Council that oversees telecom towers.  The CSC process is expected to take six to nine months before a decision is rendered.