Board of Selectmen Approves FY2021-2022 Budget

First Selectman's Budget Message

The Board of Selectmen on January 28th approved a Total Expenditure Budget of $157.68 million for fiscal year 2021-22, representing an increase of 2.54% over the fiscal year 2021 budget (revised). 

The Selectmen’s budget recommendation now goes to the Board of Finance for review during February, and a Board of Finance budget recommendation will then go to the Town Council by March 4th.  The Town Council may accept, reduce or reject the Finance Board’s budget recommendation at a Budget Meeting scheduled for March 31.

The Total Expenditure Budget includes Town Department operations expense of $29.25 million (up 2.39 %), Board of Education operation expenses of $95.42 (up 3.25%), debt service of $17.62 million (up 3.67 %), and tax-supported capital projects of $1.81 million (down 18.60 %).

First Selectman Kevin Moynihan commented: “Fiscal Year 2022 budget preparation has been especially challenging this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.  The Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance have been very supportive of the School District’s needs throughout the pandemic and the town is very appreciative of the Superintendent’s accomplishments in keeping the schools open with in-person learning to the greatest extent possible.  We look forward to working through the rest of the budget season to produce a very lean 2022 fiscal year budget under the circumstances.”

The First Selectman noted that the Town Assessor has reported that the town’s 2020 Grand List increased by 0.94% to $7.81 billion from the 2019 Grand List of $7.73 billion.

For further information, contact:  Lunda Asmani, Chief Financial Officer, 203-594-3024.