In order to vote in the election on November 3, 2020 in Connecticut, you must be registered to vote.  If you are not registered to vote, you may register in person with the Registrar of Voters by October 28, 2020.  Click here for the registration form.  The mail-in registration period has already ended.

Due to COVID-19, all voters are eligible to vote by absentee ballot in the general election held on November 3, 2020, pursuant to Public Act 20-03 July Spec. Session. Just check the COVID-19 box on the application

Absentee voting is a two-step process. First, you must fill out an Absentee Ballot Application which can be obtained by clicking here, and return it to the Town Clerk. Upon receipt and approval of the application, a ballot will be sent to you. Second, you must execute your ballot and return it directly to the Town Clerk by 8PM on Election night in order for your vote to count. All voters are encouraged to use the Official Ballot Drop Box outside of Town Hall for delivery of all applications or ballots to the Town Clerk.  Voters are not allowed to bring absentee ballots to the Polls. Those ballots and their envelopes MUST be deposited in the Ballot box at the entrance of Town Hall.

Voting in person at the Polls will take place on Tuesday November 3, 2020.  Click here to see the voting district map.  District 1 votes at the NC High School; Districts 2 and 3 vote at Saxe Middle School.  A sample ballot is available for review hereVoters who intend to appear in person are encouraged to wear masks and to maintain proper six-foot social distancing while waiting in line. Voters are encouraged to bring in their own pen or pencil (as long as it is not RED ink or lead). Furthermore, voters MAY NOT wear clothing or any accoutrements that bear the name or resemblance of any candidate to the polls. They may however wear hats, masks or articles of clothing bearing slogans such as MAGA or BLM. Due to social distancing requirements and no touch rules, voters should anticipate greater processing times than past elections and should plan accordingly.

If you have any questions, please contact Claudia Weber, Town Clerk, at 203-594-3067.