It's Up to All of Us

To allow for small businesses and restaurants to expand their services, Governor Lamont has authorized Phase 1 of the Re-Open Connecticut plan beginning on May 20th.

In complete alignment with the State, the Town of New Canaan has also developed a plan that will allow for eligible small businesses to open for in store shopping and outdoor dining to resume.  It cannot be emphasized enough that all plans call for the safest protocols possible.  The decision to open any eligible business is at the complete discretion of the business owner. This is a first step toward reopening our town.

The outdoor dining plan consists of allowing restaurants to take the entire space on the sidewalk and the Town will create safe pedestrian pathways to ensure that six-foot social distancing can be maintained. Patrons of the restaurants will be asked to wear masks as they enter and exit the restaurant.  All retail stores will also require masks upon entry as per the Governor’s orders.  Downtown restaurants plan to open as soon as the pedestrian pathways can be built.  The goal is for this to be in place by Friday, May 22nd.

“Hours and hours of hard work have gone into making sure these plans meet all health and safety guidelines but also that New Canaan’s small businesses are able to reopen and serve their customers in a way that we have come to expect.  The plan that was designed by a group of Town Department heads as well as Tucker Murphy from the Chamber of Commerce strikes the right balance in order to support public health goals and to support our local merchants.  We have worked continually to find ways to ease the pain without compromising public health” said First Selectman Kevin Moynihan.

“The mission of the New Canaan Chamber is to Connect the Community with Commerce, something we do each day.  It takes a Village to save a Village and we are counting on all of you to help save our Village” says Tucker Murphy, Executive Director of the New Canaan Chamber.

The Town of New Canaan has also embarked on a consistent unified messaging campaign thanks to the volunteer efforts of Paula Winicur at, resident and local creative marketing consultant and graphic designer.  The signs will begin to appear in our downtown and on our social media that tells the story that in order for us to “Come Back Strong – It’s Up to All of Us”.  #comebackstrong