The Town Council on April 22nd approved offering all qualified taxpayers the opportunity to delay, for three month, payments of taxes on real estate, personal property motor vehicle taxes, and sewer fees due July 1, 2020. This was done in recognition of the financial hardships brought on the by global COVID-19 pandemic.
This action was taken in response to Governor Lamont’s April 1, 2020 Executive Order 7S (EO7S)-Protection of Public Health and Safety during COVID-19 Pandemic and Response. EO7S allows local legislative bodies authority to adopt programs to support local taxpayers affected by the COVID-19 crisis.
The tax deferment program is open to all qualified residents, non-profits and businesses, including landlords. To qualify, non-landlord taxpayers must attest that their income has decreased by at least 20% during the emergency period due to layoffs, furloughs, business closures or other factor related to COVID-19. Landlord taxpayers must attest that their income has decreased by 30%. For those who pay their taxes in escrow, financial institutions will continue to remit property taxes to the Town to meet the original July 1st date.

“Tonight the Town Council approved the deferral of property taxes for 3 months (without interest) for residents who are significantly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. A simple application requiring minimal data will be required. Our goal was to give affected residents the greatest benefit without impacting the town’s ability to operate smoothly and I believe we achieved that tonight.”
“I want to particularly thank the town’s Chief Financial Officer, Lunda Asmani for helping us better understand the town’s financial position in this period of great uncertainty. With his help the town’s leadership delivered the leanest budget in years and now plans its cash management with confidence that we will continue to provide the excellent services residents expect.”

Program instructions and forms will be posted on the Tax Collector’s page of the Town website shortly.

For further information on the tax deferral program, contact: Lunda Asmani, Chief Financial Officer,