Selectmens Advisory Committee on Buildings and Infrastructure
What We Do

The purpose of the Committee shall be to provide expertise and financial oversight on an ongoing basis to major decisions and plans with respect to Town-owned buildings and infrastructure projects including, but not limited to, major capital projects that are part of the Five-Year Capital Plan. 

RESOLVED, there is hereby established the Selectmen’s Advisory Committee on Buildings and Infrastructure comprised of seven Regular Members who shall serve for terms of two years beginning on December 1, 2019.  The First Selectman shall serve as Chairman of the Committee and the Committee shall include at least one member from the Board of Finance, the Board of Education and the Town Council.  At least two-thirds of the Regular Members of the Committee shall be electors of the Town.  The Director of Public Works, the Director of the Town Building Department and the Chief Financial Officer shall serve as non-voting, ex-officio members of the Committee. 

Kevin Moynihan, Chairman, First Selectman
Amy Murphy Carroll, Board of Finance
Neil Budnick, Board of Finance
Penny Rashin, Board of Education
Stuart Sawabini
Paul Tully
Penny Young, Town Council

Meetings, Agendas & Minutes