House Rentals and Contract

Waveny House, 677 South Avenue, New Canaan, CT 06840

Waveny House quick facts- House Rental Capacity: 160 persons; Air Conditioning: none; Advance Reservations: yes (resident 2 years, non-resident 1 year); Guest Accommodations: none; Wedding Ceremony on Site: yes; On-site Caterer: none;Tents: not allowed 

History- Waveny House was constructed in 1912 for the Lewis Lapham family and sits majestically overlooking three hundred acres of Connecticut countryside. The house was designed by W.B. Tubbs of Greenwich. The gardens and grounds were laid out by Frederick Law Olmstead, Jr., of Boston, a well known landscape architect. Mrs. Lapham named Waveny House after the Waveny River in England where Lapham ancestors had once lived. 

1. House Rentals 
Waveny House may be rented Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for weddings and receptions, meetings, social events, and cultural activities. Commercial use is not permitted. Benefits for non-profit organizations at which items would be sold must have permission from the Park and Recreation Commission and a permit from the Planning and Zoning Commission. Weddings and receptions will include the first floor, kitchen, west porch, terrace and immediate grass grounds, along with two upstairs rooms for the bridal parties. The Library and Billiards Rooms are not available for rental. Waveny House books only one rental per day and available dates may be obtained by calling the New Canaan Recreation Department Office during posted business hours. Attendance for any House use must not exceed a specified number of persons to be determined by the Fire Marshall, taking into account the space used, the kind of function, etc. The Waveny House legal occupancy load on the first floor is: Grand Hall 80; Dining Room 40; Sitting Room 40 for a total of 160. 

2. Rental Responsibility 
The individual signing the contract assumes all responsibility for the rental. All payments, correspondence and communications, regarding the use of Waveny House will be made through this individual. This person will be the responsible renting individual for the term leading up, during, and after the event. 

3. Advance House Rental 
New Canaan residents and organizations, and Non-residents and Non-resident organizations may rent Waveny House for their own use up to two years in advance. Waveny House rentals are handled on a first-come first-served basis at the Recreation Department Office only and not over the phone. Mail-in contracts will be subject to date availability, must include proof of residency if New Canaan resident, will not be held in advance to secure a date, and must include the non-refundable deposit. 

4. Rental Rates 
Proof of residency is required for resident rentals. New Canaan Business/Organizations must have a primary office established and conducting business from a New Canaan office. Residents may not rent for non-resident businesses/organizations. Residents may not rent for non-resident individuals with the exception of members of the immediate family described as parents renting for their children, or children renting for their parents. The Recreation Director will have the final decision on eligibility and has the right to refuse or cancel use if there is evidence that this prospective renter is in reality renting Waveny House for someone who is not a resident or business/organization. The Walled Garden is not included in the rental fee. We do not accept credit cards for rentals and all checks should be made payable to the “Town of New Canaan”. The House inventory list including tables, chairs, china and flatware are included in the rental rate. All other items must be supplied by the user. 

New Canaan Resident and New Canaan Business/Organizations December-March  Friday Rate $1,700  Saturday Rate $2,200  Sunday Rate $1,700 
New Canaan Resident and New Canaan Business/Organizations April-November  Friday Rate $2,700 Saturday Rate $3,400  Sunday Rate $2,700 
Non-Refundable Deposit $650 payable at signing of contract        
Clean-up Bond:  $750 check only        
Additional Furniture rental Bond: $250 check only        
Non-Resident and Non-Resident Business/Organizations  December-March  Friday Rate $2,200  Saturday Rate $2,700  Sunday Rate $2,200 
Non-Resident and Non-Resident Business/Organizations  April-November  Friday Rate $3,200  Saturday Rate $3,900  Sunday Rate $3,200 
Non-Refundable Deposit $850 payable at signing of contract        
Clean-up Bond:  $750 check only        
Additional Furniture rental Bond: $250 check only        

Rental includes the use of Waveny House, Patio & lawn immediately surrounding the house for ten (10) hours  
Payment Method: checks only 

5. Rental Contract 
All contracts must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit. Bookings will not be done on a hold basis. The balance of the rental fee along with the clean-up bond is due to the New Canaan Recreation Department 90 days prior to the event. You may download a Waveny House Rental Contract by selecting the link below. 

Download house contract here-    WAVENY HOUSE RENTAL CONTRACT

6. Rental Clean-Up Bond 
A $750 clean-up bond must be posted 90 days prior to the rental date to guarantee clean-up of the House, surrounding lawns, and to cover damages which might occur to the House. If the renter elects to rent chairs for the event an additional $250 bond must be posted to guarantee same day removal and to cover floor damages that might occur.  This bond must be in the form of a separate check made payable to the Town of New Canaan. The bond check will be cashed and deposited in an escrow fund and held until the completion of the rental date. Depending on the nature of the event, the Recreation Director may require a larger bond to be posted. If the facility is not left in good order, the Town reserves the right to hold the entire bond until adjustments are made to correct any problems. Provided the user does not violate the House curfew, the bond reimbursement will not be processed until the police supervision bill to the New Canaan Police Department has been received and satisfied. The clean-up bond refund, less any deductions for damages will be returned by check from the Director of Finance at the Town Hall. 

7. House Usage/Time of Rental 
The rental fee includes the use of the House for a maximum of 10 hours. As only one rental is allowed each day, the renter may set his/her hours within these guidelines. The House will remain locked until the designated opening time. Use hours begin at the time the House doors are unlocked and opened for any reason (i.e. deliveries, caterer, florist, band), and does not conclude until all guests depart, clean-up is completed, and the caterer and any additional help have left the House and the doors are locked. There are no extra hours. If your use exceeds the 10-hour maximum limit you will forfeit your $750 clean-up bond. The responsible renting individual only must inform the New Canaan Recreation Department Office at least 30 days in advance with a House opening time. This information may not come from someone else. You may change the opening time but only through the Recreation Office Staff during posted business hours. Changes of an opening time will not be permitted after hours, on weekends, or with the House Supervisor. At no time are caterers allowed to change an opening time. 

Waveny House Curfew Restrictions 
• The bar must close at 11:30 p.m. 
• Inside music must stop at 11:30 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 
• Outside music must stop at 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 10:00 p.m. on Sundays. 
• The House must be cleaned and the premises vacated by 1:00 a.m. 
If the 1:00 a.m. curfew is violated, the person renting the House will forfeit their $750 clean-up bond. 

8. Rental Cancellation Policy 
A notice of cancellation must be submitted in writing to the New Canaan Recreation Department Office as soon as possible. If your use of Waveny House is cancelled the following policy will be in effect: 
Cancellation 60 to 90 days prior to use, you are responsible to pay 50% of the rental fee. 
Cancellation 0 to 60 days prior to use, the entire rental fee is forfeited. 
In all cases, the clean-up bond will be returned. 

9. Appointments (Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) 
Initial appointments to see Waveny House (prior to rental) will include a walking tour and review of the rental agreement with the office staff. Once you have the House reserved, if you wish to look at the House or come to the House with your caterer, florist, etc., the individual who signed the rental contract is the only person who may call at least one day in advance to request an appointment. Appointment availability is subject to the above stated hours and House event usage. No appointments to see Waveny House will be given before or after hours, holidays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. Contact the Recreation Department Office at 203-594-3600 to make an appointment. 

10. Rental Insurance and Caterer Requirements 
The responsible renting individual shall provide insurance coverage for the rental date(s) obtained through insurance companies licensed to do business in the State of Connecticut and in such form as satisfactory to the Town of New Canaan. The user having a contract to use Waveny House shall provide the Director 90 days prior to use a Certificate of Insurance confirming the existence of the below insurance specifically naming the Town of New Canaan as additional insured. In the event of cancellation of the insurance, a 10 day written notice will be given to the Director prior to cancellation. 

Comprehensive Public Liability Insurance (Bodily Injury and Property Damage) of at least $1,000, 000 Combined Single Limits Coverage that will protect such party from claims which may arise out of or result from such party’s operations under the contract, whether such operation be by the user or anyone directly or indirectly “employed” by the user or anyone for whose act the user may be liable. 

Here are two options for you to obtain the necessary insurance coverage: 
• Contact your insurance broker and see if you can get the necessary coverage through your homeowner’s insurance policy. 
• USI, the insurance management company for the Town of New Canaan has made available the TULIP Program that provides low cost General Liability Insurance for individuals and organizations that use municipal owned facilities. You can obtain further information on how to purchase insurance through the TULIP program from the Recreation Department Office. 
Proof of Insurance- the user having a permit to use Town property at Waveny Park shall provide the Director with a Certificate of Insurance confirming the existence of the above insurance specifically naming the Town of New Canaan as an additional insured. In the event of cancellation of the insurance, a 10 day written notice will be given to the Director prior to the cancellation. 

Caterer requirements   Click this link for Health Dept. Requirements and Temporary Food Permit Application
If food is to be served and/or liquor consumed, and a caterer will be providing these services, the caterer is responsible for providing his own insurance coverage. 
• Certificate of Insurance for Commercial General Liability in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the Town of New Canaan- Waveny House as additional insured. 
• Workmen’s Compensation Insurance 
• Liquor Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 if they have it 
• A copy of the caterer’s Qualified Food Operator Certificate and/or Caterer’s License 

These documents are due a minimum of 30 days prior to the event date. 

11. Additional Security- New Canaan Police Supervision 
Waveny House requires a New Canaan Police Officer to be on duty during the event. This is an additional expense and the user is responsible for payment. The number of Police Officers required will be determined by the Recreation Director at the time the application is approved and based on the guest count. The user of the House must contact the New Canaan Police Department at 203-594-3500 to make arrangements to have the required Police Officers assigned. The Police supervision should begin at least 15 minutes prior to the first arrival of guests and conclude after all guests have departed leaving only the clean-up crew. The New Canaan Police Department will send a separate invoice for the Police Supervision that must be paid and satisfied before the Waveny House clean-up bond is returned. 

12. House Supervisor and Custodial Service 
A House Supervisor, paid by the New Canaan Recreation Department, will be assigned to be on hand for the hours you use the House. His responsibility is solely to supervise the use of the House and to make sure that the user complies with House regulations and rules. Upon violation of any rules, the House Supervisor has the authority to order immediate correction of the violation or contact Town Officials for an inspection and immediate action. It is the responsibility of the user's caterer to check with the House Supervisor in advance as to the specific rules for set-up and clean-up. No tips or gratuities are to be offered or given by you or your caterer to any Town Employee. 

The interior of Waveny House will be cleaned and prepared for the opening time of your event. Special requests for outside cleaning of the porch and terrace should be made prior to the day of the event. Waveny House does not supply custodial service during the hours of your rental. The user of the House is responsible for providing all custodial services including set-up and take-down of tables and chairs, decorations, maintaining of fireplaces, and must comply with all House rules and procedures. Proper clean-up after use of the House is the responsibility of the user and the user's caterer. At the conclusion of the event, trash and litter must be placed and sealed in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster located in the kitchen courtyard. Any rental glassware, plates, silverware and cooking accessories must be rinsed and cleaned before assembly in storage racks and placed in the back room for future pick-up. At the conclusion of the affair, the house supervisor will go over a check list with the caterer and/or user's person in charge to insure all details of the use agreement are completed. Both parties will sign this list. The user is responsible for leaving the House, including the kitchen, and lawn in the same condition in which they were found. It is the responsibility of the renter to check with the house supervisor to ascertain that the user has complied with the House rules and regulations. 

13. House Equipment and Furnishings 
House equipment and furnishings may not be used on lawns or grounds, or moved from one location to another in or around the House before, during or after any affair unless prior approval is granted by the Recreation Director. 
Included as part of the rental fee is the following inventory of items guaranteed to House users: 
60" diameter round tables (21) 
30" diameter round tables (8) 
36" diameter round tables (1) 
24" diameter round High Top Bar tables (12)
5 foot long rectangle tables (6) 
6 foot long rectangle tables (20) 
8 foot long rectangle tables (14) 
card tables (5)
chairs (160)
place settings china- cup, saucer, 10" plate, 2-7½" plates (160) 
place settings stainless flatware- knife, fork, spoon, salad fork (160) 
salt & pepper shakers (25) 
cream pitchers (24) 
Sugar bowls (24) 
thermos pitchers (8) 
coffee pots (4)
water pitchers (24)

The kitchen appliances are as follows: 
8 burner Garland gas stove cook top 
Garland ovens (4) 
double door S.S. refrigerator 
stand-up freezer 

Rental chairs will be permitted for use inside Waveny House and on the terrace, but must be delivered and picked up the same day of the event.  Based on a request to use rental chairs, the Recreation Director will require proof of furniture rentsl, and an additional bond be posted.  If the use of the rental chairs does not meet the terms of the use requirement, the renter will forfeit the entire rental bond and furniture bond.

Rental chairs are also permitted for use in the Walled Garden but must be delivered and picked up in the Walled Garden.  Rental chairs may not be stored at Waveny House.  Waveny House chairs and tables may not go off the outside terrace and may not be used on the grass. 

14. Walled Garden and Grounds 
The Walled garden adjacent to Waveny House is not part of the rental and requires an additional use agreement. Its permitted use for wedding ceremonies is available only to individuals who have a Waveny House rental and only for that date. 

• Parking is not permitted in the front circle of the House. The chain at the entrance must remain closed until your police officer arrives. Cars may then drive in to drop off passengers. 
• Activities are prohibited that would injure the grounds or building. 
• Tents are not allowed. 
• No vehicles are allowed off the paved areas without a visible permit obtained in advance from the New Canaan Recreation Department Office. 

15. Compliance with State and Town Laws 
User of the House must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the State of Connecticut and Town of New Canaan including but not limited to safety, fire and zoning laws and regulations, and the Town reserves the right to terminate any use which is not in compliance. Attendance at any House use must not exceed a specified number of persons to be determined by the Fire Marshal, taking into account the space used, the kind of function, etc. You may not put up any signs, etc. in the Park. 

16. Deliveries and Pick-Ups 
Deliveries and pick-ups to Waveny House may be made only at the Kitchen entrance Monday through Thursday 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 to 3:30 p.m., and Friday 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. if the House is available. We will not sign for any deliveries and The Town of New Canaan will not assume any responsibility for deliveries. Caterer supplies, liquor and beverages, table decorations, glasses and linens may be delivered during the week and will be locked in a storage room by the House Supervisor. Waveny House will not allow advance delivery of food, refrigerated items, flowers and wedding cakes. These deliveries must come the day of the rental and after the House opening time. 
Pick-up of caterer supplies, liquor, glasses and linens may be done on Monday or Tuesday following the rental date during the posted hours. 

17. Decorating and General House Rules 
Decorating must be done under the supervision of the House Supervisor. All materials used for decorating must be in compliance with Connecticut State Fire Codes and be approved by the Fire Marshal of the Town of New Canaan. 
• Candles must be enclosed by a glass funnel that extends 3 inches above the flame. 
• Use of nails and screws is not permitted in any part of the House. 
• Nothing may hang from or be attached to any lighting fixture. 
• All hanging materials must be fitted with "s" hooks and wires and hung from the picture moldings. 
• No tape of any kind is allowed on wallpaper or painted surfaces. 
• Balloons or other decorations are not allowed at either gate to the park. Balloons used inside must be tethered to the table and may not fly free to the ceiling to avoid setting off the fire alarm. 
• The bandstand should not be used for serving food and drink, but decorative uses may be discussed with the Recreation Director. 
• Waveny House chairs and tables may not go off the terrace and on to the grass. 
• Rental chairs are not permitted inside Waveny House or on the Terrace. Rental chairs are only allowed for the use in the Walled Garden. 
• No tips or gratuities are to be offered or given by you or your caterer to any Town employee. 
• "Smoking is not allowed in Waveny House." The user is responsible for reminding their guests of this policy. 
• Pets are not allowed in Waveny House other than guide dogs. 

The Town of New Canaan is not responsible for any materials or items used. If the House is open prior to the event for the purpose of decoration, the time will be included as part of your use. 

18. Alcoholic Beverages 
Alcoholic beverages may only be served and consumed within Waveny House and the premises immediately adjacent thereto. Alcoholic beverages may be sold if the user obtains the necessary State and Town permits as required by Town Code 42-8A(1) (b). Copies of these permits must be filed with the Recreation Director 14 days prior to the use. Bar service must stop at 11:30 p.m. As part of the insurance requirements, all events allowing the consumption of alcohol require Liquor Liability Coverage. 

19. Tents 
No tents are allowed at Waveny House or on the grounds at Waveny Park. 

20. Fireplaces 
The first floor has three working fireplaces in the Grand Hall, Sitting Room and Dining Room. The user must provide all firewood and absolutely no artificial logs will be allowed. Wood should be sectioned no larger than 24 inches in length to fit all three fireplaces. The set up, starting and tending of these fireplaces is the responsibility of the user. Stacks of firewood are to be stored outside on the West Porch labeled with the renter’s name. Waveny House is not responsible for advance delivery of firewood and it is suggested delivery of firewood should be made on the day of the event to prevent theft. Candles are not allowed in the fireplaces. 

21. Bands/DJ’s/Music 
Please review the previous section 7 “Waveny House Curfew Restrictions” for inside/outside music. The Grand Hall has a bandstand situated in the northwest corner of the room and the outlets in this area are all 20 amp circuits. The Outdoor Terrace has outlets on the east and west sides of the arch at ground level also with 20 amp circuits for outside music.