Rules and Regulations for Flying of Radio Controlled Aircraft (Model Planes/Helicopters/Drones) in New Canaan Parks
Flying of Radio Controlled Aircraft (Model Airplanes, Helicopters and Drones) in Waveny Park is restricted to Registered Members of the New Canaan Radio Control Society (also known as New Canaan R/C Society or NCRCS). All members of the New Canaan Radio Control Society are expected to follow the established rules and have their membership card with them at all times when flying. General • Only NCRCS members with current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership may fly. • Flying is limited only to designated areas in Waveny Park. Flying is not allowed in the other parks in New Canaan. • Flying is allowed only at approved times and in approved flying zones (per New Canaan Radio Control Society Flying Rules). • Safety comes first. There will be no flying at any time when there are people/park employees or any activities on the fields under the flying craft. If someone enters a field, it is the responsibility of the pilot to land. • At no time shall aircraft be flown over the swimming pool, or Waveny House, or any Park building. • No event or activity in Waveny Park shall be photographed by Radio Controlled Aircraft (Model Planes/Helicopters/Drones) unless the express written permission of the Director of Recreation of the Town of New Canaan has been obtained. A complete set of rules and regulations, as well as membership applications, are available through contacting the New Canaan Radio Control Society at http://www.ncrcs.org or through visiting the Recreation Department Office at Waveny House.