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What To/Not to Bring

What do I bring? 

From the workbench: 
Oil based paints 
Stains and varnishes 
Wood preservatives 
Paint strippers/thinners 
Aerosol cans 

From the garage: 
Engine cleaner 
Brake fluid 
Car wax, polishes 
Driveway sealers 
Roofing tar 
Swimming pool chemicals

From the yard: 
Insecticides, pesticides 
Chemical fertilizers 
Weed killers 
Moth balls 
Flea control products 
From the house: 
Rubber cement 
Fiberglass resins 
Photo chemicals 
Chemistry sets 
Furniture polish 
Floor and metal polish 
Oven cleaners 
Drain and toilet cleaners 
Spot removers 
Rug and upholstery cleaners 
Fluorescent light bulbs

What not to bring !! 
Latex paints 
Empty containers 
Commercial generated wastes 
Radioactive wastes/Smoke detectors 
Biological wastes 
Prescription medicines/Syringes 
Oil and antifreeze 
Car batteries 
Dry cell batteries 
Propane tanks