Business Permits

To obtain a (annual) Parking Permit for a business in the Town of New Canaan, the same procedure is followed as a resident except that a business owner or an employee of a business does not have to be a resident of New Canaan.

Visit the Parking Bureau to put your name on a waiting list. You may also print the "Request to be placed on the waiting list for a Business Parking Permit" form from the Web site. Business name, contact person, address and phone number is required.  There is currently No Wait List for the Center School and Locust Lots.

To use a Permit Parking space in a Business Parking Lot, a vehicle must properly have a valid Parking Permit for that lot. The permit shows that the Business/Employee has made successful application to the Parking Bureau for the Parking Permit and has paid a specified parking fee.

There are no stickers or physical permits to be placed on or in a vehicle.  The Parking Department uses a License Plate Reader to patrol the permit lots.

Telephone Lot permit spaces may be used, free, by anyone after 2 p.m., Monday to Friday. All spaces are free weekends and holidays.

A business that is issued permits is responsible to see that employees using the permits have a signed, completed application on file with the Parking Bureau. This holds true whether the employee or the business actually pays for the permit.

Permits issued to businesses and to employees please use your assigned lot not the on street parking spaces which are in short supply and constant demand. On-street spots should be reserved for people that are shopping or doing business in town. Permit holders may use an alternate lot but you must pay for your space at the pay machines.

The annual fee for Business Parking Permits Effective July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Center Lot $150

Locust Lot $429

Telephone Lot $438

Park Street Lot $438

Morse Court Lot $438

Fiscal year starts July 1st and ends June 30th. If your business reaches the top of any permit waiting list during the fiscal year, a pro-rated fee is applied.

The Parking Bureau notifies businesses chronologically (by phone or letter) according to their entry date. A parking application needs to be filled out and (current) copies of registrations of vehicle(s) listed on the application are required.

There are three (5) Business Permit Lots in the Town of New Canaan as follows:






Note: The Parking Bureau will delay a Parking Permit when there are outstanding parking violations with the Town of New Canaan for either the applicant or the vehicle.