Well Water
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          How often should I have my well water tested? Who should test it?
  • There is no recommended interval, but if there is no excavation/blasting or construction adjacent to your property, testing every 5 years would probably be sufficient. Earth moving construction might require testing to be done within a period of a year or two, and if OK, then at longer intervals.

    The water should be tested only by a laboratory certified by the State of Connecticut (click here for link).
    One laboratory leaves basic test kits and bottles in our office for the convenience of the public.The bottles are available for pick up & drop off at the health department office located in Town Hall. The fees vary depending on the type of testing done. 
  • Private well owners are responsible for testing the quality of their own drinking water and maintaining their own wells. However, CT Local Health Departments and Districts have authority over private wells in their respective towns for proper siting and approval before construction.
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