Opioid Toolkit Information
Local health departments in CT focus on health promotion, enforcement, inspections, surveillance of infectious disease,combating disease, and improving the quality of life for all residents. With an increased understanding that substance misuse is both a chronic disease and a public health issue, local health departments are playing a growing role in addressing the opioid epidemic on the community level. The Opioid Toolkit was created by CADH & DPH to better equip local health department staff to respond to this epidemic in the towns and cities they serve. The toolkit will provide a one-stop reference guide of programs, promising practices and other valuable resources related to the opioid crisis. The opioid toolkit utilizes the 10 Essential Services of Public Health as a framework. 

Opioid Tool Kit Overview Presentation
Unintentional Drug Overdose DPH Fact Sheet
Heroin CDC Fact Sheet

Opioid 10 Essential Services Chart