Food Protection/Food Service Establishments
The New Canaan Health Department licenses and inspects all food service establishments in the town in accordance with local ordinances (Chapter 174 Article IV Sections 17-19) and Section 19-13-B42 of the Connecticut Public Health Code. We also review plans for new and remodeled food establishments, investigate complaints and conduct food borne illness investigations. 

To access the State of Connecticut Food Protection Regulations click here.
     Food Stores                                      Section 19-13-B40
     Food Service Establishments           Section 19-13-B42
     Itinerant Vendors*                              Section 19-13-B48
     Caterers                                            Section 19-13-B49
*In addition, Itinerant Vendors must also comply with local ordinances (Chapter 235 Peddlers & Itinerant Vendors). Town Code is available under Government on the main page of the Town of New Canaan.

Licenses and Temporary Food Approvals
Potential new food service establishments must submit a Food Service Plan Review Application. Click here for the new Food Service Checklist and Food Service Plan Review Application.

Food License Renewals
Licenses are valid from the date of issue and expire on December 31 of each year. Food license renewal packets are due by December 1st.
Click here for application.

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