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Town of New Canaan Reapplies for Affordable Housing Moratorium

The Town of New Canaan reapplied for moratorium protection from Connecticut State Statute 8-30g on May 28th after learning on May 21st that their previous application was denied due to a technical change in how affordable housing units are counted.

According to First Selectman Dionna Carlson, the State Department of Housing (DOH) reduced the number of points allocated to three-bedroom housing units between the time of the Town’s second moratorium application and its third application.

“I am very disappointed that DOH did not communicate this change with us, even though they came back to us with requests for modifications to our application,” Carlson said. “Because we were unaware of the point value change, our application came up three points short of earning a moratorium. We had communicated in our application to the DOH we had additional units that could be applied toward this moratorium, if necessary, but they chose not to give us credit for those units.

“Since receiving the DOH denial letter last week, I spoke with the Commissioner of the Department of Housing and her staff. We are now clear on the changed point system, and we submitted a revised application on Tuesday May 28th,” Carlson said. “I am encouraged that DOH expressed a willingness to work with us to expedite this new application.”

Carlson added, “New Canaan has been a strong partner with the state in addressing the shortage of affordable housing. Our expansion of the Mill, Millport and Canaan Parish apartment complexes are clear examples of our commitment to add affordable housing in New Canaan.”