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New Canaan Commuter Parking Permit Renewals Due Nov. 30

Commuter Parking Permit holders whose permits expire on November 30 must renew their permit before November 30 or lose the privilege of having a permit.

In September 2021, the Parking Department created the Priority Wait List in consideration of the uncertainties related to commuting in the wake of the COVID pandemic. Those on that Priority Wait List since 2021 also must renew their permits before November 30, or they will need to re-apply and go to the bottom of the Wait List for the Lumberyard or Richmond Hill lot.

The Parking Department is sending email notices to commuters – both active permit holders and Priority Wait List – during the week of Oct. 30 to notify them of the renewal deadline and provide instructions for renewal.

All Commuter Parking Permits effective December 1 will be prorated for a nine-month period, so the renewal schedule gets back to the normal Aug. 31 expiration date in 2024. This year, the permit expiration date of Aug. 31, 2023 was extended to November 30, 2023 to make up for the three months of lost commuter parking when the New Canaan branch line was shut down during the summer.

The Parking Department is urging that all renewals of active permits and Priority Waiting List permits be taken care of at the earliest opportunity to help ensure a smooth renewal process.

Questions about Commuter Parking Permit renewals or the general availability of commuter parking in New Canaan may be directed to Parking Department Manager Stacy Miltenberg at or 203-594-3040.