February 15, 2006


Present:   James S. Cole, Member                                           Edward J. Nadriczny,

               Stuart  Sawabini, Member                                                     Chief of Police


Absent:  Dexter J. Sutton, Secretary


Also in attendance:  Sergeant David Ferris, Retired Captain Michael Angelastro, Officer Scott Humburg, Nancy Upton, Captains Thomas Bendernagel and Leon Krolikowski, Selectman Johnny Potts, Sally and Kenneth Campbell, Libby Alexander, Nancy Straus, John Saxe, Eugenie Diserio, Bill Buttenwieser, Scott Logie, Kristiana Glavin, and Joan Wosahla.


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 P.M. by Commission Chairman James Cole.



Prior to the start of the regular meeting, Chief Nadriczny introduced Officer Scott Humburg, the winner of the 2005 Perkin Shoot, and retired Captain Michael Angelastro who had a weapon he’d like to present to Officer Humburg.  Sergeant David Ferris, the department’s firearms instructor, explained that the weapon was a Colt Python revolver, awarded to Captain Angelastro in 1968 as winner of the Perkin Shoot that year.  The Captain wanted to pass the revolver along to the 2005 Perkin Shoot winner, and had it engraved with Officer Humburg’s name and the 2005 date.  Captain Angelastro explained that he fired five rounds at the range the day after he received the gun, then put it away and hasn’t used it since.  He retired in 1989 after thirty years with the department.



I           Minutes of Previous Meeting     (January 18, 2006)


Upon review of the minutes of the previous meeting held on January 18, 2006, Commissioner Cole made two corrections:  On page two, Paragraph 2, regarding Brookside Road, he only spoke with one neighbor, not two; and he did not offer his services to help hang the mirror – he offered to help make arrangements to have the mirror hung. Upon motion by Commissioner Sawabini, seconded by Commissioner Cole, the minutes of the January 18, 2006 meeting were approved as corrected.


            Minutes of Special Meetings     (January 17, 2006 and January 20, 2006)


Upon motion by Commissioner Cole, seconded by Commissioner Sawabini, the minutes of the Special Meetings held on January 17, 2006 and January 20, 2006 were unanimously approved as presented.


II          Department Monthly Reports


In reviewing the department monthly reports, total family disputes for the month of January was 12, resulting in 5 arrests.  Chief Nadriczny stated that the median age in domestic violence disputes is 37 years old.  Commissioner Sawabini asked the Chief for benchmarking to other towns on calls for service and shift losses.  The Chief will do that in a report form for next month’s meeting.  The Commissioners would like to have both the shift activity report and the traffic enforcement summary in a rolling 12-month form.  There have been no tickets given out yet for crosswalk violations.  We want to give the public enough time to get used to the procedures.  Officers Jason Ferraro and Geoff Lambert inspected/installed 74 child safety seats during the month of January; 60 of those seats were from resident of New Canaan and 14 seats were from residents of surrounding towns.  Our department assisted State Police in a truck enforcement checkpoint today on New Norwalk Road.  The checkpoint revealed numerous unlicensed/suspended operators, 2 overweight vehicles and a number of other serious safety violations.  Our department issued 49 infractions, including three misdemeanors and towed 3 vehicles and 5 trucks for serious violations.  A total of 82 violations were cited on the infractions and misdemeanors.  After further discussion, the department monthly reports were accepted for the record.


III        Topics For Discussion


A. Request for Stop Sign or Speed Bumps.  West Road.


The department was unable to complete its traffic investigation in time for tonight’s meeting.  The traffic counter equipment had to be sent out for repair, and when it was returned, weather conditions prevented placing it on the roadway.  Without that information, it was the Commission’s decision to table this request for consideration of installing a stop sign or speed bumps on West Road at the curve near the Greenley Road intersection until its meeting on Wednesday, March 15, 2006.


B.  Request for methods of slowing traffic.  Dunning Road/Weed Street Intersection.


A number of residents of Dunning Road were present at this evening’s meeting to express their concerns about exiting their street onto Weed Street.  Mrs. Sally Campbell, who had written to request a meeting, explained that the problem is the poor sightline.  Cars travel south on Weed Street at a high rate of speed; a rise in the roadway prevents vehicles exiting Dunning Road from seeing the approaching vehicles.  Fortunately there have been no accidents, but some very close calls.  There are 28 children on their street.  Six are driving and 5 getting their licenses. She suggested the following possibilities:  a stop sign on Weed Street; speed grooves; speed bumps; regrade roadway to see approaching cars.  Her father-in-law, Paul Campbell, who lives in Georgia, has been in touch with the department and sent some pictures for our consideration of a signal device that has a light that flashes when a vehicle is approaching.  Mrs. Campbell said they are on their second mirror (the first was knocked down by a snow plow.)  Libby Alexander, another resident, mentioned that people are unfamiliar with the dip in the road.  Dunning Road also has grandparents and teenagers who are not as adept or experienced as some drivers.  After hearing some more comments from other residents, Commissioner Cole assured them the situation will be handled very seriously.  Because our Mitron counter was out for repair, we could not do a current study, so this topic will be continued at the March 15th Commission meeting.  The Chief believes we have an old Mitron study from when a request for a stop sign was denied, that we can compare the new one to once it is completed.  Captain Bendernagel stated that he worked with the engineering department and had four trees cut down to increase the sightline to 200 feet.  Commissioner Cole said he will drive up and down Dunning Road and pull out onto Weed Street. Nancy Straus said 7:30 A.M. Weed Street is like a major highway.  Chief Nadriczny asked Captain Bendernagel to get together with Lieutenant Wood to make selective enforcement a priority for next month’s meeting.



C. Request for Multiple Myeloma Event. Sunday, June 11, 2006.


The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation has requested Commission approval to hold their third annual Race For Research event on Sunday, June 11, 2006, beginning at 9:00 A.M. at New Canaan High School.  The Chief said last year there was a little traffic disruption, so it was decided to change the event to a Sunday this year.  Chief Nadriczny recommended tentative approval.  Upon motion by Commissioner Cole, seconded by Commissioner Sawabini, tentative approval was granted, contingent upon the MMRF obtaining Town approval.


D. Request for ITP Foundation Triathlon.  Saturday, September 30, 2006.


A request to hold the 2006 ITPMAN Triathlon was received from the ITP Foundation.  This event is planned for Saturday, September 30, 2006.  After consideration of the department’s recommendation, the Commission granted tentative approval of this request with the stipulation that the number of officers hired is increased by two over last year’s complement, to a total of eight.  This approval is also contingent upon ITP’s obtaining approval from the Town of New Canaan. 


E. Requests for College Course Approval:


By a vote of 2 – 0, unanimous Commission approval was granted as follows:


Officer Rex Sprosta – Southern Connecticut State University:

            Communications 100 – Spring 2006 semester.

Sociology 211 – Fall 2006 semester


Officer Don Cervone’s intent to continue working toward a degree in Criminal Justice Administration at Norwalk Community College beginning in the Summer 2006 session which will start in May.


            Officer Joseph Farenga – University of Connecticut:

                        Evolving Law Arrest Search and Seizure – Spring 2006 semester.


Tuition reimbursement is contingent upon successful completion of these courses, in accordance with our current labor agreement.


IV        State of Department


A.  Letters of Appreciation were received for:  Officer Andrea Alexander; Sergeant & Mrs. Vincent DeMaio; Officer Jeffrey Deak and the Department; Officers Tom Patten and Joe Pearson; Officer Joseph Farenga; Officer Jeffrey Deak; Lieutenant William Ferri; Officer Payne; Sergeant Ferris 3X; the Department; Lieutenant Fred Pickering, Sergeant Carol Ogrinc, Officers John Milligan, Roy Adams, Marc DeFelice, Jeff Pollock, Tom Patten, Bill Ranson, and Michael O’Sullivan; Lieutenant Fred Pickering 2X.


B.  Training Certificates For:                                         Sergeant Louis Gannon

                           BACHELOR OF SCIENCE



C.  CALEA On-Site.


Our 4th Accreditation on-site will be held on August 19th to the 23rd.  More details to follow as they become available.


D.  Request to review cancellation policy of extra duty jobs.


Lieutenants Ferri, Wood and Bender are requesting a change from the existing 1-hour cancellation notice to a 3-hour cancellation notice for all extra duty work assignments.  This request is based on the distance and time that a number of officers have to drive to arrive at work on time, especially during rush hour.  After discussion, the Commissioners voted 2 – 0 to approve the request for a 3-hour cancellation notice.


E.  Information Memo.             



·        Our Captain Tom Bendernagel (National Guard Colonel) assumes command of largest Army

 National Guard Command in Connecticut.

·        The Emergency Preparedness Committee has scheduled a storm response review for February 9th at

10:00 A.M. in Town Hall.  The public is invited to attend.

·         Sgt. Carol Ogrinc is the department’s new Youth Officer and Public Information Officer.  Sergeant

 David Ferris transferred from the Youth Office to Patrol Sergeant.

·        Promotions and lateral transfers became effective on February 1st.

·        A ceremony recognizing our newly promoted officers will be held on Thursday, February 16th at

Waveny House, beginning at 6:30 P.M.

·        Chief’s monthly lunch meeting to be held at Lapham Community Center on Wednesday, February


·        Citizen urges town to give Police decibel meters to enforce noise laws.

·        Protestors accuse police of being treated unfairly.




V         Other Matters


A.  Communications Sent on Behalf of Commission were noted for the record.


B.  Other Matters:


1.  Updates from Captain Bendernagel:

     After calling the State to check on the status of our requests, someone from the State came down last week and toured the areas in question with the Captain.  Results as follows:

·        Carter Street/Canoe Hill Road/Silvermine Road:

Due to their accident investigation, they will not approve realignment.  The sightline issue is a town issue.  Captain Bendernagel is working with Town Engineer.  He will contact neighbor who made original request.

·        Route 123 & Locust Avenue:

They are checking site right now on the possibility of installing a green turn arrow on the traffic signal.


·        Old Stamford Road by Tot’s Spot Day Care:

Request for signage will not be approved.  Their policy is not to provide signage for private schools. This is not a school where children are walking in or around area.  Recommends parents only make right-hand turn.  We are not authorized to put signage on a State road.

·        Route 106 Railroad Bridge:

On our request for reflectors, they are looking into what they have in stock that could be used.


The State recommendations should be coming down shortly.


2.  South Avenue at YMCA:

Commissioner Sawabini asked who painted the crosswalk on South Avenue between Waveny Park and the YMCA.  Captain Bendernagel informed him it was done by the State, originally for assisting the Senior Men’s Club members to cross to the Y.  They have since changed their location for meetings.  The Commissioner has noticed kids darting from between parked cars parked along the park side of the roadway when there are swim meets in the evening.  He was wondering if the Y would pay for a flashing yellow light at the crosswalk if the State were to put one in.  It occurred to him that since the State has acknowledged pedestrian traffic, they might consider this installation. 


Speaking of signage, Captain Bendernagel suggested Commissioner Cole might like to look at some innovative signage that is being put in on Strawberry Hill by Norwalk High School.



At 7:00 P.M. Chairman Cole made motion to move to Executive Session. Motion seconded by Commissioner Sawabini, and unanimously approved, the Commission entered Executive Session.  At the conclusion of Executive Session at  7:32 P.M., regular session reconvened.  There being no further business to discuss, Commissioner Cole made motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Commissioner Sutton, the Commissioners unanimously agreed to adjourn the meeting at  7:33  P.M.



                                                            Respectfully submitted,






                                                            Dexter J. Sutton, Secretary