January 18, 2006


Present:  James Cole, Member                                     Edward J. Nadriczny,

               Dexter J. Sutton, Secretary                                                    Chief of Police

               Stuart Sawabini, Member


Also in attendance:  Nick Zaccagnino, Rachel Walsh, Kristiana Glavin, Rick Lyons, and Joan Wosahla.


The meeting was called to order at 6:05 P.M. by Commission Chairman James Cole.



I           Minutes of Previous Meeting     (December 21, 2005)


Upon review of the Minutes of the previous meeting held on December 21, 2005, Commissioner Cole asked that one change be made.  On page one, Paragraph 2, he asked that we add his thanks to Commissioner Bob Stephan for a job well done during his tenure.  The other Commissioners agreed, and upon motion by Commissioner Sutton, seconded by Commissioner Sawabini, the minutes of the December 21, 2005 meeting were approved with that one addition.


            Minutes of Special Meeting       (December 30, 2005)


Upon motion by Commissioner Cole, seconded by Commissioner Sutton the minutes of the Special Meeting held on December 30, 2005 were unanimously approved as presented.



II          Department Monthly Reports


In commenting on the bad weather over the weekend and again today, Chief Nadriczny reported that we had 47 public hazard calls today, totaling 100 since January 14th.  The monthly statistics report also gave year-end figures, which revealed that alcohol incidents rose from 4 in 2004 to 17 in 2005; disputes rose to 130 in 2005 from 96 in 2004; and family disputes up from 123 in 2004 to 186 in 2005.  Motor vehicle accidents with injury were down in 2005 to 51 from 72 in 2004; radar and selective enforcement efforts were both up in 2005 from the previous year. Total calls for 2005 were 19,326 as compared to 17,101 in 2004.  Commissioner Sawabini would like to compare New Canaan to towns of similar population (e.g., Ridgefield, Darien, etc.) in number of calls, shifts lost, etc.  The Chief will look into this. The Chief noted that December is usually a high volume of time off; however, last month the staffing report only showed 30% time off.  He believes officers made a great effort to be on duty. Sergeant Pickering provided the Commission with a year-end summary on Domestic Violence. Commissioner Sawabini asked if the Sergeant could give us a median age of those involved in these disputes.  Officers Jason Ferraro and Geoff Lambert reported that they installed 589 child safety seats during the year, the highest number of installations of any department in Fairfield County.  After further discussion, the department monthly reports were accepted for the record.


III        Topics For Discussion


  1.  Pending Items:


1. Request to control speeding on Park Street.


This topic is a continuation of the discussion started at the December 21, 2005 meeting. Mr. Nick Zaccagnino, who made the original request that something be done to control speeding on Park Street, was present at this evening’s meeting.  Unfortunately, Captain Bendernagel had to attend another event and could not be present.  The Chief reported that the signs have been installed and he will have Captain Bendernagel call Mr. Zaccagnino with the results of the Mitron study.  When asked exactly what that study measures, Chief Nadriczny explained it measures the number of cars, speed of vehicles, size of vehicles, how many vehicles per hour, and the 85th percentile (safe speed limit for road).  When the 85th percentile is slightly above the posted speed limit, we feel comfortable; however, if it is very much above the limit, we have to take measures.  Chief Nadriczny suggested Mr. Zaccagnino contact Captain Bendernagel via e-mail about a concern he expressed regarding parking of a truck on Park Street. He is also concerned about possibility of more condos being erected on Park Street near Maple Street, and what effect that will have on traffic.  After further discussion, Chairman Cole stated that we are really limited in the number of police officers and where we can use them.  The department is trying to change some things internally.  Historically, the department has not been given enough budget monies.  It was agreed that this topic will continue at the February meeting.



2. Request for signage, mirror and speed monitoring.  Brookside and White Oak Shade Roads.


Mrs. Rachel Walsh of 587 Brookside Road returned for further discussion of this topic, which was addressed at the December meeting.  Commissioner Cole reported that he parked his car and sat in the Walsh’s driveway to get a better idea of the situation.  He stated it is at a little more of an angle than in the original drawing that was handed out.  He observed two opportunities for placement of a mirror, and spoke to one neighbor, who would be willing for the Walshes to put up a mirror on their tree, if they would like to.  Mrs. Walsh will pursue this with neighbors.  Commissioner Cole offered to help make arrangements to have the mirror hung.  Speed enforcement has been enacted on White Oak Shade Road, as well as on Brookside, and the radar trailer has been placed on Brookside Road, but, Mrs. Walsh reported, at the other end of the road.  The Chairman said he would have Captain Bendernagel call her tomorrow.  Commissioner Cole expressed his appreciation for Mrs. Walsh being here, stating residents, in person, make situations clearer. 


Mrs. Walsh offered her suggestion that crosswalks are needed in two locations:  from McKenzie’s across to the parking lot; and from Town Hall across to Ching’s Restaurant.  Chief Nadriczny stated that putting crosswalks between intersections has an effect on traffic that may already have a problem.  After discussion, it was agreed that Commissioner Sawabini will contact the Town Engineer regarding the possibilities of establishing these crosswalks, and the sidewalk on Park Street.


IV        State of Department


A.  Letters of Appreciation were received for:  Officer David Payne; the Department 2X; 2005

   Annual Holiday Tour Participants.


B.  Training Certificates For:                                         Sergeant Christian Gray           




            Sergeant Vincent DeMaio



            Sergeant Vincent DeMaio



                                                                             Sergeant Vincent DeMaio



                           Sergeant Vincent DeMaio



            Sergeant Vincent DeMaio



Officer Michael O’Sullivan



Officer Andrew Walsh




C.  Information Memo.



§           Lieutenant Krolikowski promoted to Captain.

§           Chief’s second monthly lunch meeting held today.

§           Awaiting autopsy in South Avenue’s pedestrian death.

§           Domestic violence.

§           DWI Checkpoint on December 20, 2005.

§           Change in State law regarding protection of juveniles.

§           Press coverage of new Police Commissioner.

§           Police address traffic concerns.

§           Cartoonist explains crosswalk image.

§           Police/Town Council Turkey Shoot.

§           Chief continues weekly department meetings.

§           Donation made to department to buy 10 new AEDs.

§           Officer Ron Bentley trophy winner in 17th annual Charlie Thompson Memorial Golf Tournament.


§           ACO Kleinschmitt and Animal Rescue Team drafting plans to save pets in disasters.


§           Sergeant Condos completes investigation of very large embezzlement with an arrest.



D.        INSIGHT  Training Bulletin:                  SHOTS FIRED:  OFFICER NEEDS ASSISTANCE



V         Other Matters


A. Communications Sent on Behalf of Commission were noted.


B.  Other Traffic Matters.

            Involving State:

1.      Route 106 / Old Stamford Road:

Work order has been signed for day care signs.


2.      Carter Street / Route 106:

Nothing done yet.


3.      Route 123 / Brushy Ridge Route:

No word yet.


Captain Bendernagel will continue to follow up.



At 6:45 P.M. Chairman Cole made motion to move to Executive Session. Motion seconded by Commissioner Sutton, and unanimously approved, the Commission entered Executive Session.  At the conclusion of Executive Session at  7:55  P.M., regular session reconvened.  There being no further business to discuss, Commissioner Cole made motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion seconded by Commissioner Sutton, the Commissioners unanimously agreed to adjourn the meeting at   7:56   P.M.



                                                            Respectfully submitted,






                                                            Dexter J. Sutton, Secretary