April 4, 2006




MEMBERS PRESENT:  Judy Neville, First Selectman;  Paul Giusti and Johnny Potts, Selectmen


ALSO PRESENT:  George Maranis, Administrative Officer; Gary Conrad, Chief Financial Officer;  Cheryl Jones, Personnel Director;  Tiger Mann, Senior Engineer;  Steve Benko, Recreation Director;  Jeb Stewart, Chairman, Park & Recreation Commission;  Laura Kenyon, New Canaan Advertiser;  John Mordecai, New Canaan News-Review.


Judy Neville called the meeting to order at 10:07 am, took the roll, and asked that the minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 21, 2006 be approved.  Mr. Giusti made reference to his opposing vote in those minutes dealing with the increase in fees for the  Town’s Attorney, Lovejoy & Rimer.  He read from a prepared statement giving his reasons for that vote and asked that the statement be attached to those minutes.  Mr. Potts expressed his intention to confer with Attorney Chris Jarboe of Lovejoy & Rimer on the subject, and moved that the minutes be approved with the attachment of Mr. Giusti’s statement.  Mr. Giusti seconded the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously.


Mr. Mann presented a request from the Public Works Department to award a contract to A&A Asphalt for an amount not to exceed $25,000 for the crack sealing of local roads.  After explaining that this modest expenditure would increase the life of the roads and that the funds were available in the road repaving bond issue, the request was approved unanimously, on the motion of Mr. Giusti and the second of Mr. Potts.


Mr. Mark Smith was then, on the motion of Mr. Potts and the second of Mr. Giusti, unanimously appointed as an Alternate to the Environmental Commission to fill the unexpired term, to December 1, 2006, of Lucy Turrentine, who has been moved up to Regular Member.


Mr. Stewart next presented a proposal to install artificial turf at the “Water Tower” playing field at Waveny Park.  He explained that the cost of installing the turf would approximate $750,000, and that private donors had already offered $500,000 towards this amount.  Because of the time limitations on this offer and because of the need to raise another $250,000 before installation of the turf can begin this summer, Mr. Stewart is seeking Board of Selectmen approval to move ahead with the project.  Mr. Benko endorsed the project, saying that the field now suffers from poor drainage and that artificial turf would have long-term maintenance benefits.  On the motion of Mr. Potts and the second of Mr. Giusti, the Selectmen unanimously offered their support of the project, with thanks to the generous private donors.


Mr. Stewart then initiated a broad discussion on alternative sites for relocation of employees during the renovation of Town Hall.  Mr. Giusti opined that the Selectmen did not have enough information before them to make informed judgments on the matter.  A discussion then ensued on what role, if any, the Town Hall Building Committee should have in the matter.  There was general consensus that a professional, perhaps the architect for the Town Hall renovation, should be retained to evaluate the available options, and to report to the Board of Selectmen, while concurrently advising the Building Committee.  Mr. Potts made a motion to retain an architect or other competent professional to evaluate the options and to report to the Board of Selectmen through the Building Committee, Mr. Giusti seconded it, and it was approved unanimously.


Tax refunds were approved unanimously on the motion of Mr. Potts and the second of Mr. Giusti and, at this time, 10:39 am, the Selectmen voted unanimously to go into Executive Session to discuss personnel matters.


The Board returned to regular session at 11:06 am and, on the motion of Mr. Potts and the second of Mr. Giusti, voted unanimously to approve the following:

·        Appointment of Steve Kleppin as Town Planner for the Town of New Canaan.

·        Appointment of David Pattee as part-time Assistant Zoning Officer in the Planning & Zoning Department.

·        The release of Paul Payne, Agata Aspinwall, and Anthony Phillips                                                                         from their six month probationary periods.


There being no further business, the Selectmen voted unanimously to adjourn at 11:10 am.


                                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                                George M. Maranis, Secretary