MARCH 7, 2006




MEMBERS PRESENT:  Judy Neville, First Selectman, Johnny Potts, Paul Giusti


ALSO PRESENT: Pam Flynn, Executive Assistant, Gary Conrad, Chief Financial Officer, Tiger Mann, and Senior Engineer, Mike Pastore, Town Engineer, Steve Kleppin, Interim Planning and Zoning Director, Cheryl Jones, Human Resource Manager, Laura Kenyon, New Canaan Advertiser, John Mordecai, New Canaan News Review, Jim Cole, Vincent Socci.


Judy Neville called the meeting to order at 10:03 am and took the roll. She asked that the minutes of the Special joint meeting of February 14th be approved. .Discussion of wording of the third paragraph followed and they resolved to go back and check the tape from the 14th. The item was tabled until the next meeting. The minutes of the regular meeting of February 21, 2006 were approved unanimously on the motion of Ms. Neville and the second of Johnny Potts.   


Tiger Mann discussed the request from the Department of Public Works to award the contract for the installation of drainage on Spring Water lane to the lowest bidder, Lanni Construction ($53,125.00). On the motion of Paul Giusti and the second of Johnny Potts it was approved unanimously.


The Next item on the agenda, a presentation by the Public Works Department of a sidewalk plan for the Downtown District. The long range plan of the town is to have all of the sidewalks be brick with granite curbing.  There was no time frame given except for when major reconstruction is taking place, brick sidewalks should be installed. There was discussion regarding the difference between the Town installing the brick sidewalks in the downtown district at a cost of $2.3 million as compared with stockpiling the bricks to be made available to the business owners when doing a major reconstruction. The total cost to the Town for the bricks would be $562,000.

Vincent Socci spoke to the sensitive issue of those who have previously paid entirely for their sidewalks verses those who will not have to as being a bad thing to do. Based on this discussion the Selectmen collectively with Mr. Potts withdrawing a previous motion that said ‘the downtown business district reconstruction will be made of brick, reconstruction made of brick and granite curbing would be paid for by the town’, Mr. Giusti seconded the withdrawal of this motion.

  Mr. Potts then made a new motion , seconded by Mr. Giusti that ‘the Board of Selectmen agreed that the policy and long range goal of the Downtown Village should be brick sidewalks, therefore, any major reconstruction in the future should be specified as brick sidewalks rather than any other.’

More discussion on the same subject included the price of the lamppost bases and the lights and possibly what percent CL & P would take on. Also mentioned was initiating focus groups with merchants to discuss the plan.


Next the Selectmen heard a presentation from Tiger Mann regarding the proposed additional parking spaces at the Center School parking lot. The Parking Commission has approved of the idea. The $55,000will be made available from the Bond Issue from the Road Re-pavement Program A Spring start time was mentioned. More discussion of layout, number of spaces +/- and access in and out of the area .Mr. Potts motioned to approve monies, an appropriation of $55,000 out of the bonding issue for roads with the design to be optimized as discussed, and Mr. Giusti seconded.


The Selectmen then motioned to approve the request from the New Canaan Sewing Group to place a sign on the Town Hall lawn advertising their Spring Sale for two weeks before the sale on April 21, 2006. Mr. Giusti motioned and Mr. Potts seconded.


On the motion of Mr. Giusti and the Second of Mr. Potts, the Selectmen approved the request form the Young Women’s League of New Canaan to place a sign (Easter Bunny) on the Front Lawn of the Town Hall Advertising its Easter Egg Hunt for the two weeks prior to the event, to be held on April 1, 2006.


Next the Tax Refunds were approved on the motion of Mr. Giusti and the Second of Mr. Potts. Then, the Legal bills were approved on the motion of Mr. Potts and the second of Mr. Giusti.


At this time 10:52 am the Selectmen voted unanimously to go into executive session to discuss Personnel matters. Upon returning to regular session at 11:55, the Selectmen on the motion of Mr. Potts and the second of Mr. Giusti voted unanimously to:


o       Authorize the expenditure of $1000. for Animal Control Officer, Maryann Kleinschmitt to attend an Animals in an Emergency seminar from May 31- June 3 in Arlington, VA.


There being no further business, the Selectmen voted to unanimously to adjourn at 12:00 pm.



Respectfully Submitted



Pamela Flynn

Executive Assistant