Wednesday, February 8, 2006





Dr. Lewis Annunziato                                                 Paul Foley

Barbara Beall                                                              Christine Hussey

Ken Campbell                                                             Thomas O’Dea

Kathryn Devereaux                                                     Ruth Smithers

Mark DeWaele                                                            Dick White

John Emert                                                                 Penny Young


ALSO PRESENT:  George Maranis, Administrative Officer;  Barbara Crolla, Executive Director, Day Care Center of New Canaan;  Steve Benko, Recreation Director;  Jim Cole, Director of Emergency Services;  Richard Seltzer, Chairman, Utilities Commission;  Vin Socci;  Tim Smith, Robert Stephan, and one or two others representing the Dog Socialization Area;  representatives of the Boy Scouts;  John Kovach, New Canaan Advertiser.


Dr. Annunziato called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm in the Douglass Room of Lapham Community Center.  Ms. Young read the Notice of Meeting and called the roll, noting the presence of all the members.  Dr. Annunziato asked that the minutes of the Public Hearing of December 14, 2005, the Public Hearing of January 11, 2006, and the Regular Meeting of January 11, 2006 be approved.  The minutes of the Public Hearing of December 20, 2005 were approved by the members (on the motion of Ms. Smithers and the second of Mr. White), Mr. Foley and Ms. Hussey abstaining because of absence, and the minutes of the Public Hearing of January 11, 2006 (motion of Mr. Foley and second of Ms. Devereaux) and the Regular Meeting of January 11, 2006 (motion of Mr. DeWaele and second of Mr. Foley) were approved unanimously.


Dr. Annunziato recognized two representatives of the Boy Scouts who were present to observe, and then introduced Item 1. of the agenda, the adoption of a resolution authorizing the First Selectman to execute contracts on behalf of the Town of New Canaan with the Department of Social Services of the State of Connecticut in connection with the Child Day Care Program.  Ms. Crolla described the activities of the Program and, on the motion of Mr. Foley and the second of Mr. Emert, the Council unanimously adopted a resolution that the First Selectman, Judy A. Neville, be empowered to enter into and amend contractual instruments in the name and on behalf of the Town of New Canaan with the Department of Social Services of the State of Connecticut for a Child Day Care program and to have the corporate seal affixed to all documents required as a part of any offered agreement.


Item 2. of the agenda, the hearing of a final status report from RSM McGladrey on the agreed-upon procedures performed on the records of the New Canaan High School Building Committee was, by unanimous consent, deferred to the Special Meeting of the Council on February 14, 2006.








The Council then heard a presentation from Timothy Smith of the Park and Recreation Commission, requesting approval of the establishment of a Dog Socialization Area in Waveny Park.  Mr. Smith described the status of the project, including description of the site preparation, landscaping, and amenities.  He also responded to Mr. Foley’s inquiries with respect to the proposed fencing around the Area.  Mr. Smith was pleased to report that fund raising was going well and that his group had raised enough of the estimated $50,500 funding goal to proceed with the initial phases of the project.  Reference was made to the cutting of $10,000 from the Recreation Department’s 2006-2007 budget by the Board of Selectmen, an amount which had been earmarked for the clearing of trails (in the expectation that the Parks Department would provide “in kind” services.)  Mr. O’Dea, Dr. DeWaele, Ms. Devereaux, and Ms. Hussey all spoke in favor of restoring the $10,000 to the budget, citing the premise that the Dog Socialization Area had always been contemplated as a “public/private” partnership.  Ms. Young moved that the Council approve the establishment of the Dog Socialization Area (within the limits of funding) and Mr. Foley seconded the motion.  It was approved unanimously.


Before adjourning, Dr. Annunziato announced that he had cancelled the Public Hearing on the Clark Property scheduled for this evening in light of the withdrawal of the proposal to sell the property.  He promised to hold another Public Hearing in late April or May (after budgets) to invite public comment on the future use of the Clark Property.


There being no further business, the council voted unanimously to adjourn at 8:08 pm.



                                                                   Respectfully submitted,



                                                                   Penny Young, Secretary