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Before-School and After-School Programs at East, South and West Elementary Schools

Generally, 8-10 week programs will be offered twice during the school year at the three schools.  A fall session will be held October-December; and a winter session will be held January-April.  Programs listed are per school and children may only register for programs listed at the school they are enrolled.  Please select from the below list to view the current session offerings.  Registration information will be included in each of the school selections. 

The Information links below become active in August for the FALL session and in December for the WINTER session. 


School morning delayed opening results in before-school classes cancelled

 School early dismissal results in after-school classes cancelled

 School cancellation results in all before and after-school classes cancelled

Winter School B/ASF Registrations

WEST School  Monday, December 11 (9:15 am) to January 2

SOUTH School  Tuesday, December 12 (9:15 am) to January 2

EAST School   Wednesday, December 13 (9:15 am) to January 2