Teacher Conference Days- EAST
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All classes are open to grades K-4, (except Rock Out Music Workshop 2-4)

All classes will be held 1:15-3:15 p.m. at East School

Register at the New Canaan Recreation Department or online www.newcanaan.info


Registration begins Wednesday, November 7 (9:15 am)

November 7-11…. Registration restriction of one class per child

November 12-20…. Open registration for additional classes

Classes are enrolled per day, not for the entire week.  Register online on the Recreation website www.newcanaan.info (username and password needed) or at the Recreation Department.  Payment is due at the time of registration.  No refunds on class registrations.  Parents- prompt pick-up at 3:15 p.m. for all programs is requested at the gym- personal photo ID is required to be presented by the adult at pick-up.      

Tuesday, December 4

___Play-Well Teknology- STEM Fundamentals using LEGO $30

___Overtime Athletics- Sports Variety $30

___Mad Science- “Super Structures” and “Che-mystery” $30

(Grades 2-4 only)___Rock Out Music Workshop $30


Wednesday, December 5

___Play-Well Teknology- Minecraft Engineering using LEGO $30

___Overtime Athletics- Sports Variety $30

___Mad Science- “Super Structures” and “Che-mystery” $30

(Grades 2-4 only)___Rock Out Music Workshop $30

___Rad Lab Science Quest- Engineering Expo! $30


Thursday, December 6

___Play-Well Teknology- Jedi Engineering using LEGO $30

___Overtime Athletics- Sports Variety $30

(Grades 2-4 only)___Rock Out Music Workshop $30

___Mad Science- “Super Structures” and “Che-mystery” $30


Friday, December 7

___Play-Well Teknology- SuperHero Engineering using LEGO $30

___Overtime Athletics- Sports Variety $30

___Mad Science- “Super Structures” and “Che-mystery” $30

(Grades 2-4 only)___Rock Out Music Workshop $30

PLAY-WELL TEKNOLOGY: STEM FUNDAMENTALS USING LEGO Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as Motorcycles, Aircraft Carriers, Conveyor Belts, and Rail Racers.  Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment.  A Play-Well Teknology program. Class Fee: $30 (Min 11/Max 16)

 PLAY-WELL TEKNOLOGY: MINECRAFT ENGINEERING USING LEGO Build engineer-designed projects such as a motorized Creeper, a portal to the Nether, and a moving Minecart!  Create your favorite Minecraft objects with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor.  Whether you are new to Minecraft and LEGO materials or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be hooked on the endless creative possibilities.  A Play-Well Teknology program.  Class Fee: $30 (Min 11/Max 16)

 PLAY-WELL TEKNOLOGY: JEDI ENGINEERING USING LEGO The force awakens in this introductory engineering course for young Jedi!  Explore engineering principals by designing and building projects using LEGO materials such as X-Wings, R2 Units, Energy Catapults, Defense Turrets, and Settlements from a galaxy far, far away.  Create motorized and architectural projects with imagination and engineering to defeat the Empire!  A Play-Well Teknology program. Class Fee: $30 (Min 11/Max 16)

 PLAY-WELL TEKNOLOGY: SUPERHERO ENGINEERING USING LEGO Save the world with super heroes!  Build the hideouts and vehicles of your favorite caped crusaders and learn what makes them not only Super Heroes, but Super Hero Engineers.  An experienced Play-Well instructor guides young heroes as they design, build, and save a city where ingenuity and imagination can solve any conflict.  A Play-Well Teknology program. Class Fee: $30 (Min 11/Max 16)

OVERTIME ATHLETICS: “SPORTS VARIETY” Participants will practice skills and play games in both traditional sports and playground favorites.  Basketball, Soccer, Flag Football, Kickball, Capture the Flag, Whiffle Ball, Bump and Bite, Knights and Dragons, Numbers Game, Tag Games, Safe Base and More.  Overtime Athletics covers all the bases and our emphasis on playing, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness.  Class Fee: $30 (Min 13/Max 20)

RAD LAB SCIENCE QUEST: ENGINEERING EXPO! Challenge accepted!  Join Rad Lab in a quest to conquer a plethora of engineering challenges, from building an unsinkable boat, to creating the farthest reaching catapult. Young scientists will attempt to build a break-proof capsule for a sky-diving egg, create a bridge that can withstand tremendous force, and even mastermind glowing eyeballs with electrical dough circuits!  Bring your creativity and join the Engineering Expo!  Class Fee: $30 (Min 12/Max 15) 

MAD SCIENCE OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY: “SUPER STRUCTURES” AND “CHE-MYSTERY”Super Structures- Super Structures lets students act like junior architects and engineers.  Students push and pull their partners’ hands to learn about compression and tension, and strengthen a sponge beam with knitting needle rods.  A tension test lets children determine the toughest textile.  They test out shapes for strength, and then watch to see if a paper column can withstand the Column Collapser.  They build a Roman arch block bridge too. Che-mystery- children discover the mysterious wonders of chemical science.  They learn the difference between physical and chemical changes through exciting, hands-on investigations; watch crystals form in water glass; and see acetone reduce foam to a puddle of goo.  Students get their hands dirty with a non-Newtonian fluid and use hydrophobic compounds to make marbled masterpieces. Class Fee: $30 (Min 12/Max 15)

 ROCK OUT MUSIC WORKSHOP (Grades 2-4 Only) This class will be a super fun introduction to Rock and Pop for kids who love music and want to perform with others.  To get the class in the mood, we will begin with a short but fun game of “name that tune”.  Once warmed up we will work on performing as a group some of the most popular classic rock songs as well as some of today’s most popular tunes.  Students will be encouraged to sing as a group or sing solo as Shane O’Reilly and his assistant provide the guitar and bass playing.  Students will also have the opportunity to also play along on Ukulele, percussion, keyboards and guitar.  Students will learn the basic chords on Ukulele as well as being introduced on how to play percussion.  Ukulele’s, shakers, bongos, cajon and keyboard will be brought in for each class  Class Fee: $30 (Min 8/Max 14)