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What We Do

The Transfer Station receives materials such as garbage, recyclable materials, household and yard waste from residents and garbage haulers. These collected materials are reloaded and prepared for transport to landfills, burn plants and recycling centers. In addition, we organize and conduct Household Hazardous Waste Days on a periodic basis.

Specifically, these services include issuing blue recycling bins and receiving:

Construction demolition materials
Brush and yard waste
Household garbage - either delivered directly by authorized citizens or collected and delivered by private haulers
Recyclable materials
Waste oil
Car batteries
Propane tanks

For a sticker fee of $45.00 per houshold per year, which runs from July1st to June 30th. Residents are welcomed to bring their materials to the Transfer Station. Transfer Station Sticker Applications may be downloaded from this site or may be obtained at the Scale House a the Transfer Station. Applications may be downloaded from this site or may be obtained at the Scale House at the Transfer Station.

• You must provide a current registration for each vehicle to receive a dump sticker.
• The fee is $45.00 per household per year regardless of the number of vehicles.
• If you live in New Canaan but have a leased car or car registered outside of New Canaan, you must prove residency (drivers license and current utility bill)
• If you own property in New Canaan but do not reside here you must prove ownership (a copy of your New Canaan Property Tax, Mortgage, or utility bill) and a driver’s license.

For all questions call the Transfer Station at (203) 594-3711

Some additional fees, as listed below, may be required for:

Construction demolition (including wood, sheetrock, roofing materials, etc.) Contractors $125.00 / ton
Residents $125.00 / ton with "first 200 pounds" free for each visit

Brush and yard waste (including any yard materials, except leaves which can be deposited at the Highway Leaf Composting Facility).

Contractors: Brush and yard waste not accepted from contractors.
Residents: $100.00 / ton with "first 200 pounds" free for each visit.

Household garbage, recyclables, waste oil, propane tanks and tires.

Contractors: $80.00 a ton.
Residents: $45.00 per houshold per year....... all cars must be registered at the Transfer Station. 

Contact Us

Main Number: 203-594-3703
Fax Number: 203-594-3702
Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.
7:30 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Closed on the following Holidays
New Year's Day Labor Day
Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day Christmas Day

Holiday Hours 7:30a.m. - 2:15p.m.
Presidents' Day
Columbus Day
Veterans' Day
Good Friday
Martin Luther King Day

James Rogers Superintendent of Solid Waste
Don Smith Assistant Superintendent of Solid Waste
Kristi Ready, Administrative Assistant

139 Lakeview Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840

Recycling Facts & Links

Recycling Facts
Recycling Brochure
Look's what being Recycled Now!

Recycling Blue Bin - DOs AND DON'Ts


    Recycle all unbroken clear, brown and green glass, food and beverage jars and bottles. 
    Remove and discard all caps, lids and corks. You can leave the paper labels on.

    Put any broken glass into the blue bin. It's hazardous to the workers at the recycling plant. 
    Include drinking glasses, Pyrex, mirrors, light bulbs, window glass, auto glass or any glass other than food and beverage containers.


    Recycle all sections of the newspaper plus any coupon inserts and flyers that arrive inside the newspaper. Magazines, Junk Mail & Office Paper can be mixed with your Newspapers. 
    Bundle newspapers & mixed papers in twine or bundle them in brown paper bags. You can now also bundle cereal boxes and gift boxes.

Use plastic bags to bundle newspapers, or leave newspapers in their plastic home delivery sleeves. Plastic bags are not blue bin recyclable and they jam the equipment at the recycling plant.


    Recycle all empty metal food and beverage cans, aluminum foil, and aluminum pie plates and "take out" food containers. 
    Empty and rinse all cans, foil and plates. Food contaminates the recyclables.

    Recycle lids and tops, aerosol or paint cans, coat hangers, or other metal household items.


    Recycle all plastic containers with the #1 through #7 symbols. Be sure to check the number inside the triangle symbol usually found on the bottom of the containers. 
    Some plastic bottles, like orange juice and syrup bottles, look like recyclable material, but they are not. 
    Empty and rinse all containers before putting them in your blue bin.
    Put any plastic bags in your bin. 
    Put empty oil and anti-freeze containers, plastic dishes, utensils, toys, coat hangers, or plant containers in your blue bin

Household Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Day
September 17, 2016 - Household Hazardous Waste Day - 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at The Wastewater Plant (394 Main Street).
The Town of New Canaan Residents are allowed to attend Hazardous Waste Days of surrounding Towns on the following list at no cost to the residents. Click here for a list of surrounding Towns.

Please have drivers license or registration readily available No commercial (business) loads accepted

What is household hazardous waste?
Household hazardous waste can be any improperly discarded product that can be classified as toxic (poisonous), corrosive, flammable or reactive (explosive). Such products can be found in most homes, garages or workshops and when improperly disposed of can poison people and animals and pollute the home and natural environments. Reading label precautions can identify many of these products. Look for the words: Poison, Corrosive, Toxic, Volatile, Flammable, Caution, Danger, or Warning.

How do I transport these materials safely?
Bring materials in original containers securely closed
Pack containers in sturdy, upright boxes and pad with newspaper if necessary
Never mix chemicals together
Never smoke or eat while handling hazardous materials
Leaking or broken containers must be contained
Do not leave vehicle unless instructed to do so!!

What do I bring?

From the workbench:
Oil based paints
Stains and varnishes
Wood preservatives
Paint strippers/thinners
Aerosol cans

From the garage:
Engine cleaner
Brake fluid
Car wax, polishes
Driveway sealers
Roofing tar
Swimming pool chemicals

From the yard:
Insecticides, pesticides
Chemical fertilizers
Weed killers
Moth balls
Flea control products
From the house:
Rubber cement
Fiberglass resins
Photo chemicals
Chemistry sets
Furniture polish
Floor and metal polish
Oven cleaners
Drain and toilet cleaners
Spot removers
Rug and upholstery cleaners
Fluorescent light bulbs

What not to bring !!
Latex paints
Empty containers
Commercial generated wastes
Radioactive wastes/Smoke detectors
Biological wastes
Prescription medicines/Syringes
Oil and antifreeze
Car batteries
Dry cell batteries
Propane tanks 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does our garbage go?
At the present time, the garbage is being hauled to garbage to energy plants located in New York and Connecticut
Recyclable materials are brought to a recycling processing center in Stamford, Connecticut..

Can I bring paints to the Transfer Station?
Latex paints can be dried out in cans. Drying time may be shortened by adding kitty litter and then brought to the Transfer Station. Oil paints are to be held until our hazardous waste day is held locally in New Canaan or in participating neighboring Towns. Time and location will be advertised appropriately well before the event.

Participating towns include:
Darien Stamford Westport
Greenwich Weston Norwalk

Do I need a permit?
Yes, For or a sticker fee of $45.00 per household per year, residents are welcome to bring their materials to the Transfer Station. Transfer Station Sticker Applications may be downloaded from this site Click here or may be obtained at the Scale House at the Transfer Station.

Where do I get my Blue Bin for recycling?
The blue bins can be picked up at the Transfer Station or, if your materials are picked up by a garbage hauler, the bin will be supplied by the hauler. There is a fee of $6.00 for each bin (new or replacement).

Can I bring logs to the Transfer Station?
Not necessarily. Logs or brush larger than 3" in diameter will not be accepted.

Can I bring my leaves to the Transfer Station?
No. The State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection does not allow leaves to be dumped at the Transfer Station. Residents can bring their leaves to the composting site on Lapham Road only. Please contact the Highway Department at 203-594-3704 for composting hours.