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The Town of New Canaan is committed to lawful and ethical behavior and requires its employees, officials, volunteers and contractors to conduct themselves in a manner that complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Ethics Board operates in accordance with the Town Ethics Board Ordinance and has the following general powers and duties:

1. To review and recommend modifications to the Town Code of Ethics for adoption by the Town Council.

2. To address written complaints of alleged violations of the Town Code of Ethics by a Town officer, official, member of a board, commission or committee, or any employee of the Town, including the Board of Education.

3. To oversee the promulgation of the Town Code of Ethics, the Town Employee Whistleblower Policy, and the administration of the Town’s program for the training of Town officials and employees.

4. To hear appeals of complaints from any employee aggrieved as to the status or condition of employment, except employees governed by the Board of Education and collective bargaining agreements, after such employee follows the Grievance Procedure provided by the Town of New Canaan Employee Handbook.

E. To render advisory opinions and interpretations as to conflicts of interest arising under the Town Code of Ethics for all Town officers, officials, members of boards, commissions and committees, and all employees of the Town, including the Board of Education.


Tammie Garner, Secretary -
Peggy Jay -
Thomas (Tucker) Clauss, Chairman -
Steven Simon -
Pat Calanca -


 To be established by the EB


In accordance with the Ethics Board Ordinance, a written complaint from an individual or organization of alleged violations of the Town Code of Ethics may be sent to the Town Attorney via mail (Town Attorney, 77 Main Street, New Canaan) or email ( outlining what one reasonably and genuinely believes is a violation of the Code of Ethics. A complaint must be filed within one year after the matter in question has allegedly occurred.