Emergency Out Call System
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What is this?

This is an emergency call out system which will allow authorized New Canaan civic leaders to create and rapidly disseminate time-sensitive messages to every telephone number stored in the notification database. With this service, authorized users can send thousands of messages in minutes to New Canaan residents and businesses. Only authorized officials are allowed access to the system.

How does the service work?

Authorized officials record a voice message that is then delivered simultaneously to dozens or thousands of individual phones in the notification database.

What types of messages will be sent using the service?

Any message regarding the safety or welfare of our community would be disseminated.

Examples would include severe weather warnings and updates, health hazards or dangerous traffic or road conditions inside the town or affecting local routes, and any other situation that could impact the safety, property, or welfare of our citizens.

Who is the Vendor providing the Town of New Canaan with this ability?

The NTI Group, Inc. (NTI) is providing this system to the Town of New Canaan. They are a privately held company that provides comprehensive communication systems designed specifically for local, regional, State, and Federal government entities that enable rapid dissemination of critical information via voice and text devices. Connect-CTY is the product name of their emergency out-call system.

What precautions are being taken to protect personal information?

NTI takes security and privacy concerns very seriously and does not sell, trade, lease or loan any data about our clients to any third party. From a technical perspective, we utilize multiple physical and virtual layers of firewalls to maintain data security. NTI only utilizes secure transmissions with its customers. No confidential information is ever transmitted between NTI and its customers using e-mail or FTP, but rather always utilizes either a VPN tunnel or SSL. Data is hosted in state-of-the-art facilities which require photo identification, thumb-print recognition, keyed access, and are manned 24/7 with full-security personnel. All data is encrypted prior to being placed on tape for offsite storage. NTI also retains an external, independent security firm to perform annual security audits.

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